Thursday, August 11, 2011

Poetry and beauty combine for a win - Congrats TERRY BARNER!

Ah, how do I love thee…let me count the ways!  Some of us at Couture Doll Shop had fun this summer counting the ways we love to dress our dolls for romantic interludes.   

And so did our viewers, according to the nice comments you included when you voted for the winner of our Romance Challenge. 

  Thanks so much – and thanks to Fashion Doll Quarterly for including our contest in their magazine!  And thanks to Angelic Dreamz for providing the prize!

 Lots played, but there could be only one winner!  This prize was claimed by the talented Terry Barner!!  Hopefully we’ll get his full profile soon.   

For now, I’ll just say for those of you who have missed his work, you are in for a treat.  Just saunter on over to our Designer Drive  where you will find his repaints and fashions in his shop – Off The Wall by Terrkat.  He’s a genuinely nice guy who will welcome your visit!  Congratulations Terry!!! 

And, while you are over at Couture Doll Shop, be sure to peek in and see what new things other shops may have to offer.  Some of the Romance entries may be available for purchase, but you might also find something nice for dollie’s next date night!  

Speaking of romance...

When you see the work of others that you're attracted to, do you instantly fall in love?  Well, sometimes I do!  And with the ease of the internet, I seem to find more and more artists I'm infatuated with!! 

But I'm happy that I really do not actually want to "be" those artists, nor do I feel I want to create their type of work.  Rather, it just gives me hope that with enough practice, planning, and perfecting that I too will someday become an artist someone else will fall in love with!!!

However, if you find yourself in a state of depression over your work when you spot talent, you need to snap out of it, Matilda!!  The most common reason people compulsively accept the paths of others is because they don't have enough confidence in themselves, and this is tragic.  This lack of confidence can keep your talent and character under a barrel unless you take steps to pull them out from under there NOW! 

You'll never find yourself wanting to be in someone else's Jimmy Choos once you fully understand that you are your own person.  And to be satisfied in our game, we need to "own" our own style and direction.  Hang a sign over your sewing table that says: "I shall not covet the work of others" and stop playing the field.  Look within, and you will find your way.  Sketch, make patterns, or do anything necessary to get your groove back on - but stay off the cruise control of the internet for inspecting talent until you have a firm handle on your own!

Then, when you again allow yourself to view other people's work you should see and appreciate it, but then go on with no regrets about your own work!  Artists need to see themselves as trendsetters, and when they possess their own uniqueness, they thrive. 

And speaking of unique, this artist always listens to the beat of her individual drum.  Continuing with our series of Meet the Shop Owners, this time we are featuring Pauline Lyngard.  Pauline’s shop resides on Main Street, and is called BW Designs….read on:
Blogmeister: Who are you? In other words - tell us a little bit about the real person behind your business name?

Pauline: I live in a beautiful seaside village on the West coast of Canada, in a tiny cottage called “Redthorne” with my husband, four Italian Greyhounds and one geriatric Lilac Point Siamese cat. 

By day, I am a senior payroll technician for the BC Ambulance Service. I am involved in a weekly Toastmasters Group and volunteer my time and talent for a local Greyhound rescue and adoption group.

Blogmeister: How and when did you discover your love for creating fashion art in the doll world?

Pauline: I started years ago on EBay by selling my childhood dolls and “met” many wonderful doll collectors. I started to notice and research the doll designers and decided that since I am a fabric artist, I would be able to create my own visions for the dolls that I had…then I started to buy dolls instead of sell!

Blogmeister: Did you begin creating for yourself then transition to creating fashion art offered for sale?

Pauline: My mother taught me to sew as a child so I could make my own doll clothes. Later as a teenager, I made my own clothes and bought vintage fashions to remake them to be “my Style”. It is only “fitting” (groan, pun intended) that I have gone back to designing for dolls and rarely sew for myself.

Blogmeister: Was anything or anyone a significant influence on your work initially?

Pauline: I researched the doll designers selling on EBay and noticed that many of the fabulous clothes were from Canadian designers. I really admire people like Karen Kolkman, Diana and Janet of LaBoutique, Brenda of Matisse and Angie Romanowski of BCCAN Designs. My style is so different than theirs but it encouraged me to sharpen my skills to make a more professional appearance.

Blogmeister: Today where do you find inspiration for your projects? 

Pauline: I love the internet for doing searches! You can find a picture of any period, style or era at the entry of a few words!

Blogmeister: For people who would like to create their own fashion art, would you have any words of inspiration or advice?

Pauline: Be true to your own style and focus on one type of doll until you establish clientele, then expand your inventory.
(I wish someone had told me this when I started!!!)

Blogmeister: Lastly, what's up for you right now?

Pauline: I’ve fallen in love with Sybarites! I find them very inspirational to design clothing and they are SO beautiful to photograph. Just looking at a Sybarite makes me happy. My design focus right now is on lingerie and accessories.

And so ends this blog, and another delightful visit with one of our shop owners!  Couture Doll Shop is, indeed, a pleasant place to sell and buy dolls and doll items.  Join us any time, and feel free to email your questions and/or inquiries about products or having a shop of your own!


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