Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Early presence...er presents

It's Tuesday, and I'm back with the results of our drawings from our Holiday Card event.  What fun!  So without further delay, since Santa is not quite back from holiday, here are our winners!!

Winner Bundle A   Wendy Gilmore-Pollak

From CDS: Mayumi is a dressed OOAK Tyler doll wearing a most traditional kimono, reminescent of those worn in Madame Butterfly.

From Sweet Creations: $15 gift certificate.

From Xxtra Fashionable:  Fascinator hat titled Holly.

Winner Bundle B   Carolyn Edwards 

From CDS: RTW Carrie is a dressed OOAK doll sporting a more modern red Japanese suit much like those worn in Miss Saigon.
From Somethings Old, Somethings New: 3 non-decorated pillows - your choice of color

From Xxtra Fashionable:  Fascinator hat titled Bow. 

Winner Bundle C   Duana Gummo

From Xxtra Fashionable:  Fascinator Hat titled Mulberry. 

From Designs by Jude:  $25 gift certificate. 

From CDS:  2 $10 gift certificates (each certificate to be used in 1 shop of your choice).

I have already emailed the winners, but everyone has not confirmed their win, so if you know these people please encourage them to send me an E so the gifts can be on their way.  

That wraps it up for another year, but we're already planning for the new one - stay tuned in January to "visit" some of our artists - by that I mean we'll be showing some of their Studios, and explaining some of the the possibilities for organizing and using all the wonderful item we gather as we persue our love of dolls, designing doll clothes, and even working on dioramas!!   

I'll save you a place - and hope to see you January!!! 

Friday, December 7, 2012

No time to be fashonably late!


It's coming, it's really coming ... it's here? Oh, NO! That's how my Christmas is going to be if I don't get with it!! I needed to start shopping somewhere around late September, but I just cannot get motivated! How about you??

In spite of all the preparations spinning 'round in my head, I've made exactly ZERO leeway in preparing for the Christmas season that's coming!! Could this have something to do with the fact that I recently spent 2 days cooking, several more shopping, and even more time making up the lists -- all for a Thanksgiving meal that took 30 minutes to devour!! I did suffer some holiday dread after Thanksgiving, I fear!!

But no matter the Thanksgiving reality, it's no longer possible to avoid the obvious. Christmas is coming!! It's time to set aside my Crinch-like attitude, crank up my Pandora radio, and listen to some Christmas music as I weave wonderful popcorn garlands for the tree! Oh what gingerbread villages I must create, too. All the kitchen loaves I'll be gifting can also be made soon!!.

Yes, I think I'll make it if I take it one day at a time. After cooking chores are all lined out I can begin to shop - a "chore" that I have plenty of on the job experience doing!! And, of course, I'll want my dolls and moi to look angelically devine so I'll be making my way to Couture Doll Shop.com for the girls. Boy, I wish I had a one-stop shopping place for myself - but I'll push through..somehow!! :)

No, it doesn't matter that with the coming of Black Friday I didn't instantly go into plan, shop, wrap, and all the different modes it takes to deliver Christmas magnificently. I really instinctively know there's no "good enough" when it comes to the holiday season. So, with my new plan firmly in mind, I'm going to plunge ahead and get all the chores done so I can enjoy the season. This is truly a time for family to gather, good food to comfort us, and for us to celebrate the reason for the season in any way we feel comfortable. So, let me just leave you with this little thought .

May Lovely Happy Times Decorate Your Holiday Season, and May The Wonder Of Christmas Be With You Forever!!

And now a few instructions before we begin the show.  1.  Click on each card to see it better.  2.  Click on the buttons to go to individual shops.  3.  You will notice Bundles mentioned during this blog.  You can enter to win one of these bundles by going to our Events Site; there is a link at the end of this post.  4.  Read carefully to find all the special gifts with purchase, discounts, and free shipping available during this event.  Now on with the show!

Ellowyne is wishing everyone the best of holiday greetings in her new dress entitled "Santas Galore." Ellowyne's gift to you with purchase of her outfit is the Christmas tree orna ment she holds in her hand. The ornament is a Christmas stocking that has a teddy bear wearing a Santa hat peeking out at the top. The ornament is constructed of tiny beads and has a red felt material backing.

Ellowyne's holiday themed dress is constructed from a cotton fabric with an all over Christmas print of Santas and toys. The dress has a tank style bodice and a full skirt with a wide ruffle edge that has rows of red stitching highlights. A red satin ribbon tied into a bow at the front is used as a belt. A Christmas tree brooch is made from green, red and a gold beads on an oval of white felt. Ellowyne's necklace and bracelet are constructed from gold beads. The jaunty beret style hat is made from the same fa
bric as the dress. The cap has an elastic thread around the outside rim and should fit many hair styles.

This festive holiday outfit is made of green satin with embroidered red poinsettias and comes complete with a red Ostrich feather Boa.  You won’t have to worry about this gown staining your doll’s skin surface.  It is fully lined with white Glissenette, and has hidden elastic around the upper edge of the gown to assure it will fit snugly. The fabric will not stretch out of shape. 

I chose one of Tonner’s early Tyler sculpt dolls as a model because of her lovely green eyes.  Due to the use of moderate stretch fabrics, this gown will also fit Ficon, Deva, Sybarite, JamieShow, Gene Marshall, and most 16” fashion dolls. Also, please note that an evening bag will be included with each holiday purchase as this shop's gift with purchase.  

Angelic Dreamz resides on Main Street. For their greeting their wonderful JamieShow doll is wearing the beautiful gown that won their At the Opera contest for CDS! The gown was designed by Lori Lyon of Madeleine Rose Couture, and is being reproduced in a limited quanity, and will be available on AD soon!

With awesome sales now till Christmas, Angelic Dreamz is the ideal place for great gifts this Christmas. You'll want to check their Daily Deals. Also sign up for their mailing list on their website to make sure to be notified of all the great offers coming your way!

Zebrena is a One of a Kind outfit for Silkstone dolls. Black dupioni silk is used for the jacket.   Black and white printed striped cotton was used for the fully lined skirt closed in the back with tiny snaps. Red dupioni silk was used for the bustier that is lined with white cotton, closed in the back with tiny snaps.

Included also is an embroided and beaded red felt purse, and a beaded red necklace and rhinestone earrings will be given as gift with purchase to complete this outfit.

Evangeline has requested a new outfit just in time for caroling. Walking Suit is a delightful three piece outfit featuring a fitted button up jacket, floor length skirt, long cascading bustle and mini fascinator top hat.

The pattern is available for the 17” vinyl and 19” Evangeline dolls. Tamara will also be gifting a lucky person with a $25 gift certificate in a CDS bundle (Dot wiill contact you). When using your gift certificate, please email Tamara first so she can adjust your invoice.

Mary Watson of Green Thread Design Studio enjoyed creating a holiday dress for Mattel’s Francie doll.  This “granny” dress was very popular in the late 60’s.  Francie had one called “Go Granny Go,” but she needs more!  It is made from all new materials; 100% cotton calico print, black lace trim, 2 black buttons and a silk ribbon at the neckline.  It fastens in the back with snaps.
Francie wore the same clothes that my friends and I wore to junior high, high school and college.  I will be taking a trip down memory lane this year designing clothes for Francie and Twiggy.  You will find this dress and other clothes for Barbie and Skipper at Green Thread Design Studio on Designer Drive. Free shipping during this promotion. Please stop by for a visit.  

This set was made to fit the Fashion Royalty Bed, but can be custom made for larger beds. The set includes: 1 Reversible duvet cover, 1 Body Pillow, 2 Large pillow shams, 2 Smaller Pillow Shams,1 Throw Pillow, and 1 Fuzzy Throw.

 The bed, side table, rug, and tree are not included.  Gift from this shop is 3 pillows included in a CDS bundle.

Gayle of Oohlalaz created this Holiday Gala gown in an amethyst purple taffeta with raised taffeta embroidery in a rose design. Dress is completely lined in a dark lavender satin and it laces up in back with an organza ribbon.

Free with purchase will be (for your 16" doll) 2 pairs of lace trimmed panties, 2 pairs of lace trimmed leggings, and a surprise doll jewelry item.

Exquisitely gorgeous with classic details, this suit adds a touch of class to any wardrobe. The tailored suit jacket is cut from gold and off-white metallic silk brocade, fully lined in silk shantung, and features princess detail, full length sleeves, shawl collar and front pockets flaps. The pant is fully lined with snap back closure.

 The divine, long sleeved double breasted coat dress is cut from poppy red silk dupioni, fully lined, with classic princess detail, shawl collar and button over snap front closure. This little red dress is perfect for any holiday event. Elizabeth is offering $15 off any purchase during this promotion.

Pauline's muse is modeling"Evergreen." No matter where she goes this holiday season, everyone will know she is in a festive mood!

This is a full, festive ensemble consisting of a hand painted dark green Velvet Cloak and Silk and Lace beaded organza party dress.

Aponi Designs presents “Jingle Belle.”  Fashion is made to fit Barbie® , Poppy Parker®, and small busted Fashion Royalty® dolls. Included is a cocktail dress of red china silk with a red metallic lace overlay. It is fully lined and features a crystal button over snap back closure.

Accessories include a black mink shoulder wrap lined in red china silk with a Swarovski crystal bow brooch, a black ultra suede evening bag with a Swarovski crystal bow and snap closure, a black ultra suede belt with crystal buckle, and black gloves. Gift with purchase is a doll scale Christmas stocking.

Eugenia is modeling her casual West Coast apparel that is just right for an après ski, or après turkey, or just a walk in a winter wonderland. The Cowichan style sweater, toque, and fingerless gloves are hand knit from pure cream wool with a Fair Isle design in chocolate brown. The sweater closes with tiny silver snaps, and has three brown faux wood buttons.

Her close fitting narrow legged "jeans" are a light wash cotton with a back placket and snap closures. The boots are hand sewn of very soft, fine grained genuine leather trimmed with real red suede. Free Gift with purchase: Hand knit Cowichan style shoulder bag with a leather strap, a button clasp and a bright red watered taffeta lining.

Annabella is anxiously waiting for Christmas, and what better way to wait on a cold Winter's night than in a snuggly, warm flannel nightie! Dressed all in pink and white, her outfit consists of the flannel gown with a matching duster, both trimmed in lace, long cotton batiste bloomers, and the little scuff style slippers. Hurry Christmas!

Connie is offering Free Priority Shipping for purchases during the promotion dates, and she is having a drawing at the end of the promotion for TWO winners of $15 gift certificates; one for those customers who made a purchase during this event (Connie will contact you), and one will be in a CDS bundle (Dot will contact you).  When using either gift certificate, please email Connie first so she can adjust your invoice.  

If you're looking to add some pizazz to your wardrobe this year, you'll definitely want to check out all the great wigs for your fashion dolls and BJD's at Facets.

From the tallest BJDs to Ellowyne's tiny friend, Amelia Thimble, and lots in between, Marcia probably has a size that will fit your needs. And, if you have time, you'll want to check out all her accessories. Remember proper styling will always make you stand out in a crowd!


Phin and Theo sail down the Mississippi as performers on a paddle wheel showboat. The pair are dressed in leather, lace, and silk in Steampunk styling that also includes watch parts, top hats and googles.

Theo stands on the gangway and fiddles on her modified violin while Phin wrestles an octupus!  Be sure to check out this item in her shop for larger pictures.  Durelle is offering free shipping for her NRFB dolls on her Resale pages - see her website for details!


Xxtra Fashionable's Flirty Flapper crochet pattern features a fully beaded shift style dress that closes in the back with 3 snaps. The hem has several rows of beaded fringe that is sewn on. The beaded headband incorporates a jewel-like beaded decoration and sculpted feathers. This outfit is crocheted in #20 cotton with variegated glass seed beads.

Karen Daniel will be giving 3 fascinators from her Hatitude collection for this event in our CDS bundles. As you might know, fascinator hats are a top fashion trend for fun parties and special occasions. Your doll will enjoy this Christmas-themed accessory when she attends her next party.

Madeleine Rose Couture's Evergreen is gorgeous in shades of green.  A floral taffeta makes up a voluminous skirted gown with corseted bodice, raw edged bows and ruffles galore. Underneath is a hooped skirt to add more volume and glistening black stilettos.

Accessories of black mesh hosiery and matching arm mitts complete the ensemble. Naeara, a Numina Devon by Paul Pham is modeling.  And don't forget Lori is offering free shipping for the month of December.

The holidays are upon us and this gown is stunning, Done in a kelly green satin with tricolor ribbon design on the left with Kevin's signature holly berry design on the right bodice top. The gown is beaded down the front onto the center of the ribbon tie, with a seed beaded right shoulder strap. It flows for fitting down to the knee, and flares out onto a HUGE Bell shaped hemline.

The First person to purchase $100 in product will get this holiday gown at a big discount; see the shop for details. Also, with every gown purchased you get a FREE pair of from stock earrings of Kevin's choice to go with the gown. 

And that concludes our Holiday cards for another year.  I hope you've noted the specials the shops are offering and also have seen some of the things that are in the CDS bundles.  For a complete listing of these bundles and to enter for a chance to win one, you will need to go to:

Just be sure to enter only once, and to come back here to this blog Tuesday, December 11, 2012 for the results.

Now I must bid you adieu - lots of eggnog drinking, shopping, and human as well as dolly doings to get done! But please know just because everyone didn't get a chance to do a holiday or winter offering, each and every one of the shop owners of CDS think YOU are important enough for a holiday salute.

We're all blowing you a kiss and sending good holiday vibes that all you do will be special - and especially fun! We all hope you'll visit us when you have time, and that all your dolls will be dressed wonderfully for the rest of 2012 and all through 2013!

May you sincerely have a wonderful Holiday Season and may you be Happy and Healthy in the New Year!!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Dolls Fashion Night Out Salutes Canada

Clothes we wear today come from all around the world.  Many of the countries who produce our fashion have been joining a tradition begun in the USA.  This tradition is called Fashion Night Out (FNO), and is a celebration of runway showings and fashion events that are carried out by both fashion houses and retail establishments that sell fashion, all in an effort to promote sales of wonderful new fashions.  
One such country is Canada, and today we will be saluting that country.  However, since we do doll fashions, everything we show will be scaled down for our diminutive divas, and our event is called Dolls Fashion Night Out (DFNO).
Yes, FNO -- Vogue's hotter than hot shopping event -- has come to Canada!!  Shoppers across the country actually were able to get their shop on.  They not only had access to the designers popular in America, they also had a unique bevy of designer's fashions from their own country to choose from.  In Ontario, events happened in Chatham, Cookstown and Toronto; people looking to take part in FNO in Quebec headed to Montreal; and, in British Columbia, Vancouver, Surrey and North Vancouver were sartorial hot spots.  But that's not all - there were regional events country wide for our Canadian friends to enjoy! 
Now we at CoutureDollShop.com will honor some of the places and faces of the designers of Canada - so on with the show!! 
Denise Beaudin
Main Street

The changing of the seasons was my inspiration for the garment I have created for my Vintage Cissy. The beautiful, embossed leaves of the fabric pattern remind me of autumn leaves changing colour. Cleaning up gardens or "putting them to sleep" influenced me to create a night gown set. 
The set consists of a nightgown, beret style hat or a nightcap, wrap shawl and panties. Flower motifs with a seed bead centres are sewn around the neckline of the nightgown. The garment has cap sleeves, fitted bodice and a full draping skirt. Closure is metal snaps at the back. Cap has an elastic edge, and should fit over different hair styles. Matching panties have elastic in the waistline, and leg edges are trimmed with lace.

Cissy poses during the evening hours in front of the Esplanade Riel Pedestrian Bridge located north of the junction where the historic Red and Assiboine Rivers meet.  This landmark area in Winnipeg is called "The Forks."  Over Cissy's right shoulder is the Human Rights Museum currently under construction. 

  Pauline Lyngard
Main Street
One of my favourite places to visit in Victoria is Craigdarroch Castle which was built between 1887-1890 for Robert Dunsmuir, a Scottish immigrant who made his fortune from Vancouver Island coal. This legendary Victorian mansion, built on a hill overlooking the City of Victoria announced to the world that Robert Dunsmuir was the richest and most important man in Western Canada.

The four-story Craigdarroch Castle still has lavish furnishings from the 1890s and is known for its stained-glass and intricate woodwork. The Castle is currently owned by the Craigdarroch Castle Historical Museum Society, which is a private non-profit society, and is open to the public. The castle is a tourist attraction, and receives 150,000 visitors a year.

BW Designs Faux fur and recycled fur collars and stoles are designed to fit 16-17 inch dolls but may be suitable for smaller dolls if you like a larger scale wrap. Lined with sand washed silk and with unique closures, these one of a kind items are sure to accent any fashion your doll wears this holiday season!

Frances Weir 
Francesca Doll Couture  
Couture Court

Because I love knitting and fine knitwear, my inspiration for this DFNO Happening just had to be the Canadian born designer Mark Fast. Fast has been speeding up the fashion ranks, making headlines with his super sexy knitwear collections and controversial runway shows — not to mention his much-talked-about decision to pass on dressing Lady Gaga.

Though he now lives and works in London, Fast grew up in Winnipeg and spent many hours watching Fashion Television and Fashion File. His love of fashion took him from Winnipeg to Toronto and eventually to Central St. Martins’ elite fashion design program in London. His designs combine luxurious yarns with unusual textures and innovative stitching techniques  in form fitting fashions.

Both hand knit ensembles combine a sleeveless form fitting dress, with a zippered back closure, and a short jacket.The pink/grey ensemble combines  rose cotton and  variegated grey wool blend yarn. The grey/black ensemble mirrors Fast's love of cable patterns using the same variegated grey wool blend and a soft black silk/bamboo blend yarn. Layers of soft unravelled yarn have been added for texture. Both outfits were inspired by Mark Fast's  2012 Autumn/Winter Show.

Elizabeth Fenton
Designer Drive
Simone has spent the early half of her evening at L'Orchestre Symphonique de Montreal. After a wonderful, heart warming concert, she has decided to hit the casino and have some fun.

She is an absolute vision in opulent, lustrous, silver brocade accented and lined with Carmine Rose, silk charmeuse. Her elegant, strapless, mermaid style, fitted gown titled French Metal is accented by a double row of ruffles skipping down her right side. Her gown is edged at the top with a single row of asymmetrical ruffles, framing her beautiful face. She is wrapped in a shawl of Carmine rose silk

The MSO and Charles Dutoit have received accolades for their numerous recordings, including the Grand Prix du Président de la République (France) and the Prix mondial du Disque de Montreux. The MSO won Grammy awards in 1996 for their recording of Hector Berlioz' Les Troyens and in 2000 for Sergei Prokofiev and Béla Bartók piano concerti with Martha Argerich on EMI, and additionally it has also won a number of Juno Awards and Felix Awards. Simone found this to be an ideal place to enjoy a concert, see all the beautiful people, and be seen in her latest designer gown!

Anna Castanes
Designer Drive
This designer's muse was lucky enough to spend some time this year previewing the newly minted World Mastercard Fashion Week (in her dreams). While in Toronto she also had a chance to visit the Mercedes-Benz Start Up program that is dedicated to showcasing Canada’s own new talent. There she fell in love with the neat sisters that make up Dreamboat Lucy and their designs.

Dreamboat Lucy is a clothing and accessories company created by sisters Louanna and Hilary Murphy of Prince Edward Island. They can
be described as a line of finely constructed pieces with the aesthetics of a figure flattering silhouette, a rock and roll edge, and a retro feel. Their use of bold, bright colors and prints is a design staple. The way the girls described their birthplace it sounded so wonderful!!
Prince Island's landscape is pastoral. Rolling hills, woods, reddish white sand beaches, ocean coves, and the famous red soil have given it a reputation as a province of outstanding natural beauty. 

Anna can't guarantee your beauty's dreams will be better with this bedding set - but it could be worth a try.  One never knows what will happen in our world of make believe! This set was made to fit the Fashion Royalty Bed. The set includes a Fitted Bottom Sheet,Top Sheet, 4 pillow cases. 2 large ones and 2 small ones, a Duvet Cover and 2 throw pillows (not shown). And, if you'd like this in a larger size, this designer will be happy to do a custom order if you contact her. The bed, lamp and dresser are not included.
Lori Lyon
Main Street
When this Lori thinks of Canada, she thinks of snow. And you'rebound to run into snow in Toronto! Another thing you'll run into is some great fashion, including a wonderful runway fashion show for charity that began nine years ago!

Most of us don't daydream about having our latest fashion made out of tissue paper, but this is exactly what these fashions were produced with - Cashmere bath tissue! Produced by 15 of the best Canadian fashion designers, the collection showcases everything from bridal and evening wear, to jewelry, footwear and children’s wear. Look here for a peek:


Inspired by the winter white snows of Canada, Lori created a short dress of white silk satin and satin organza. The halter style bodice has a white Alecon lace overlay embellished with clear, silver lined beads and Swarovski crystals. The skirt is of satin organza with two rows of raw edged trim along the bottom. Underneath she wear bright pink mesh tights.  Lori's Snowflake dress is modeled by Naeara, a Basic Devon Numina.

                                     Rosy Bazile 
                                  Atelier de Rosy
                                   Designer Drive

Jour de Fete a Montreal is a délicate cocktail dress made exclusively for her elegant silkstone doll.  The dress is cut in a  silver and white cotton veil entirely lined with a white cotton veil.  Dress is enhanced with ribbon belt and ribbon rhinestone ornement.  Doll wears delicate necklace , earrings and a black felt purse clo  sed with rhinestone bead.

Rosy was inspired by CIMM Glamour exhibited at Fashion Week in Montreal. CG is a collaboration of three very talented designers. Zenobia Bawa delivered a collection full of transparency and draping on long evening dresses. This line is definitely specific to a targeted clientele. Ronen Chen served up sheer tops and architectural structured lines were evident. Although beautiful and new to the murmurs from the crowd indicated it was nothing new from the clothes already exhibited in his boutique.
Simon Chang used prints galore on shirts, dresses, blazers, skirts, multi-colouful crochets, peasant-prairie like blouses and dresses. Animal prints of all kind; psychedelic prints, flowers, cities, tribal; name it, you probably had it. Therefore, it was definitely no surprise that he was enthusiastically cheered when he took his finale bow down the runway.

Peggy Burney
Main Street 

Peggy's inspiration was the Canadian Center for Architecture in Montreal, Quebec. She just loved the look of this old building. It has all these different materials, shapes and textures, and that's what she did with her dress.  Peggy's design is a Victorian style gown made for your 16 inch girl. The bodice is made of iridescent ivory organza with a high neck and a basque waistline. The neckline and waist are accentuated with hand beaded pearls and the bodice features an applique of embroidery and beaded pearls. The sleeves are leg-o-mutton style with the top in the same material as the bodice and a small rope of pearls dangling from the poof while the length is made of iridescent ivory crinkle organza ending with a pleated ruffle at the wrist accentuated with a row of tiny pearls around the middle of the ruffle.

The skirt is a very full style with a modified train and an overskirt. The skirt is made of ivory silk and embroidered in an overlapping circle pattern with 3 small pearls beaded into each circle. It is lined in a light weight taffeta and has an attached crinoline underskirt. The overskirt is made of the same crinkled iridescent organza as the sleeves and is edged with embroidered and pearl beaded trim. It also is styled with a modified train in back. The front edges of the overskirt is connected with three pearl ropes. The gown has a zipper closure in back with tiny pearls down the back.
Anita Stoklosa
Designer Drive
Anita's influence comes from Calgary where being a fashion designer is not for the faint of heart. It takes not only the obvious requisite creativity, but also that pioneering spirit so often celebrated in this city that is necessary just to keep up. There Maria Orduz Pinto will wow you with her cocktail dresses inspired by architecture and detailed with bold asymmetrical seams, and Haithem Elkadiki is always a crowd pleaser with his preppy menswear with a dose of sex appeal.
Laura George pleases the most astute bride with her gowns that are heavy on romance, with a hint of costume design.  And that is just naming a few of the famously talented artists in this region of Canada - a place that to put on your must visit list when you are in Canada.

Anita's outfit was sewn for Silkstone Barbie.  Both jacket and skirt are fully lined.  Golden brown
insertions add charm. The whole ensemble is complete as it includes a hat, handbag, lycra stockings and jewelry that are all handmade by the artist. It is the perfect outfit for lovely autumn stroll in Calgary.

Kevin Kilmer
Designer Drive

Kevin chose Richard Robinson as his fashion inspiration. He favored his rather avant-garde designs, and made the colors/shapes on his design harken back to what Robinson has done. Kevin's chosen designer has a fashion academy in midtown Ottawa, Canada.
Kevin's design is called Sang Rouge Et Noir Charbon meaning Blood Red and Coal Black. The outfit is made from faux silks, tulle, and real recycled dyed rabbit fur, The dress has an asymmetrical peplum that is short in the front coming down to the bottom of the dress in the back, and the bodice matches the red in design. 

The skirt is made from black faux silk with black fringe from hemline to waist. The Coat is made from a faux black leather checkerboard print design while the sleeves end in the recycled rabbit fur. It is lined in red faux matching silk. It also features a matching freeform hat. To complete this ensemble are matching red swarovski crystal earrings and the faux silver leather belt.

Connie Casteel Doll Fashions
Main Street 

Connie was very inspired by a photo of the Canadian National Tower as viewed across Lake Ontario. A tall, graceful tower surrounded by a myriad of blues at dusk!

Silkstone Barbie is ready to step out into the Toronto nightlife in this chic sheath. Her graceful, willowy figure is shown to perfection in this navy silk sheath with a faux cummerbund accenting her tiny waist.

The blues of her outfit mimic the beautiful evening colors surrounding the Canadian National Tower at dusk.   She is wearing a 1945 style hat that shares the same color scheme and is accented with a 'ribbon' to match the cummerbund. Completing the ensemble are faux pearl earrings, necklace and bracelet and a navy handbag.

This concludes our special salute to Canada's Fashion Night Out.  We hope you enjoyed it and learned lots of interesting information about a destination you'll want to add to your fashion quest.  As for me, I'm off to CoutureDollShop.com to check out all the new fashions over there - join me if you get the chance!