Monday, October 14, 2013

TEN Great Years of FDQ!!

The issue currently of Fashion Doll Quarterly on the shelves of your favorite bookstore marks the TENTH year for FD Q, and couldn’t be more proud for them.  It has been a pleasure working with Pat Henry, and reading this wonderful magazine is always a great experience.  In fact, we get excited just anticipating when we’ll receive the next issue, and we’re never disappointed.  May Fashion Doll Quarterly flourish for a very long time!

For this special issue we decided to salute our Perfect TEN.  Our shop owners demonstrate their TEN's qualities by the dolls we use as well as by the fashions they create.  This is because we know how much FDQ loves fashion dolls and their fashions.

Each of the show owners followed these guidelines.  They were told about Bo Derek as an example because she was the unquestionable TEN of the 80s after she appeared in the movie with the same name.  Then they were asked to decide who their TEN might be, and to use her as their muse.

Their muse could be an actress, a model, or anyone out there in the public arena.  She could be modern or come from a different time period.  They did not have to do face painting or anything like that to bring this character to life if this was not something they were comfortable doing.  They just needed their final model to have similar traits as their perfect TEN, and they had to make sure she was dressed appropriately to satisfy the twist.

And here is the twist!  This fashionable TEN perfect diva will be dressed to go to a Gothic style party - whatever kind, cocktail or formal, was theirs to decide.  The trick was to convey a Gothic look while still letting her classic beauty shine through.  Shop owners who make accessories and diorama items were also invited to step up to the plate.  After all, even a TEN "needs" lots of luxury items to keep her content.  

Here are the designs from  the brave ones who were willing to take on this Event – aren’t they ghoulishly great? Read on as each artist describes their outfit and tells you about their muse.  Click on the small pictures to see a larger one, and be sure to visit their website to see more.

Jenny Catalano
Just Jenny's Crafts

My Muse is Elizabeth "Lzzy" Hale, Lead Guitarist/Vocals for Halestorm.  She is a Grammy winner, has been on several magazine covers, and is always dressed in a style all her own. From Goth to Punk she has worn it all, and worn it well.  She plays Hard Rock in cut off jeans and thigh high boots, wears low cut, form fitting dresses with lots of chains at award ceremonies, and tops it off with her signature messy long tresses.  My Lzzy is headed to another award ceremony and then off to the Gothic themed After Party to celebrate with her band mates.  

I used 16" Goth Antoinette for my model.  This original design is a collage of several of the outfits and accessories I've seen Lzzy Hale wear. The skin tight, low cut, modified tank dress comes with a lace trimmed decolletage, thigh-high slits, extra low cut arm holes and a V-back.  The dress is accessorized with gold platform boots, thigh-high lace stockings, a three strand beaded necklace, crucifix with matching earrings, and a low slung wide belt with gold tone buckle. Topping it off is a black curly wig to simulate Lzzy Hale's messy, wavy tresses.

Christine Loff
The Black Ibis

Fei Fei Sun was thrilled to become the first Chinese cover model for Italian Vogue Magazine! She'd worked hard to become a TEN among fashion models, and her friends thought she needed a little celebration. They invited her to a Goth party where everyone would be dressed in Goth outfits.

Sun pulled some things out of her closet and came up with an edgy outfit. Her grey plaid jacket is set off by her black lace skirt that is knee length in front and floor-length in back. The perfect accessory is her thigh-high lace-up boots. A black "leather" midriff corset pulls it all together!  This outfit is modeled by JamieShow Sun and is sized to fit JamieShow dolls, but it may fit other 16-inch dolls as well.

Rebecca Castillo

The fashion and movie world remembers her as the star who glided down the red carpet with a sheer gown, adorned with flower appliques strategically attached, and who later proudly accepted an Oscar for a best actress performance.  Occasionally, though, she is seen just simply strolling in perfect leather pants. She is none other than Halle Berry, and she has been invited to a Gothic themed party, and has requested the House of Rod Michael design an elegant gown for her that is true to the Gothic theme of the party she'll be attending.

House of Rod Michael responded with a long fitted skirt with a matching peplum blouse made from a beautiful dark red, hand painted. kimono-style silk fabric.  Providing a dark contrast is a belt and necklace made of glass beads, and long black gloves that are anchored on the wrists by wide bead cuffs embellished with roughly shaped orange stones.  The beaded headband with a black veil envelopes her finely chiseled face.  It is meant to convey strength, darkness, and an aura of mystery - and Halle carries it off in an entirely beautiful Gothic way.

Cindi Stowell

This gorgeous TEN gothic girl represents the beautiful, haunting singer/songwriter Amy Lee from the rock band Evanescence.  She is known for her sweet, melodic vocals backed by a power house rock band; and she graces the concert stage and her album covers dressed in beautiful gothic gowns. She is going to the after concert party that has a Gothic theme.  Its secret location is only known to be hidden deep in the woods.  Finding the place where the party is held is a treasure hunt of mysterious clues hidden under rocks and tacked to trees. Each new clue is a mystery and each clue has to be decoded; all part of this fun challenge.

The doll is a white skinned, 52 cm. tall Dollmore BJD named Zaoll Luv.  The face-up is by the talented Cristy Stone.  She wears an eight piece outfit that includes the top, arm band sleeves, stockings, hat, necklace, skirt and underskirt, and shoes. The skirt flows with lots of soft fabric. The fullness is added to the skirt by an underskirt made of lace tulle.

Ina Murphey

My Goth TEN Muse is Kate Beckett of Castle who is played by Stana Katic.  Season 5 ended with Castle getting down on one knee to ask Kate Beckett to marry him.  We waited all summer long to hear her response in the Season 6 Premiere.  However, as anyone who is a fan of the show would know, her initial response may not necessarily be her final one!  But, one could easily expect to see a wedding, either real or imagined, at some point during Season 6.

Since both Beckett and Castle love the fun of doing the unexpected, I envisioned them showing up at a Halloween party dressed as Dracula and his Bride.  The always glamorous Kate would arrive in a fabulous black satin gown embellished with hand beaded purple lame’ bats and black feathers.  Her “veil” would be a cascade of silver chains accented by a Celtic cross and blood red Swarovski crystals. The viewer would be left wondering if the Halloween “wedding” was a spoof or if it was the real thing.

Anna Castanes

Eartha Kitt began her career in 1943, and spent her early years in Europe where she learned four languages as well as how to sing in seven.  With an enduring career that has spanned theater, cabaret, television, and the recording industry, she became a household name. Miss Kitt electrified audiences with her one of a kind persona and sultry voice, often peppering her flirty set with gold digging songs about champagne, stretch limos, and pearls.  She was honored with a star on Hollywood Boulevard's Walk of Fame, and wowed audiences for decades with her outstanding vocals, curvaceous frame, and sex appeal.  She was a TEN who made a lasting impression.

Eartha knew her Gothic party had been a success when she stood outside her bedroom door and heard her guests complimenting all of her decor, including her wonderful new bedding set.  She listened quietly to the two ladies as they described how lovely the pumpkin coverlet with the black pillows was.  Eartha smiled to herself, knowing  if they only knew what was on the other side or about the individual pillows that matched them, they'd surely want a set for themselves.

But this was an OOAK set bought for her by a very special friend, so that wasn't going to happen.  It was hers alone, and it brought back so many memories of her time in France.  Le Danses du Paon, The Dance of the Peacocks, was printed on the coverlet and she had pillows with Monsieur and Madame printed on one side.  Yes, indeed, she'd leave that her little secret and go back and enjoy her Gothic party while it lasted.

Gaylejoy Chavez

Dita Von Teese grew up fascinated by the Golden Age of Cinema, pin-up imagery, and vintage lingerie. She was once married to Marilyn Manson.  It was her influence that helped me create her Goth TEN persona, as she is a fabulously dressed glamour Goth queen ready for a haunting Halloween martini party.

I chose a Tonner doll, Raven Daphne, to emulate Mistress Dita Von Teese.   Scarlet taffeta with a black lace overlay, pinstripe black chiffon flounce embellished with ribbon lacing, fringe, and beading were used to create her ensemble.  Everything is fully lined, and the bolero has removable sleeve cuffs in case you'd like to create a different look. I can just imagine her strolling into the party and quickly feeling all eyes upon her.

Peggy Burney

Catherine Zeta Jones is my idea of a TEN.  However, today I found her not too happy.  You see, she had agreed to be the muse for a fashion design contest and even agreed she'd wear the winning creation to a charity event chosen by the show's producers.  However,  she was surprised when she opened the box. The wrapping paper and the box itself looked expensive, and the dress was crafted from the finest of fabrics - in fact, she loved it.  What she wasn't excited about, though, was the invitation she found when she pulled the flowing gown up.  She would be attending a Goth cocktail party - definitely not her cuppa.  All she could do is remind herself that the whole thing was for the charity nearest to her heart, and sigh as she slipped on the luxurious gown.  She’d worn the most famous designers in the world but they had nothing on this.  She decided the Goth theme would not ruin her evening.  She would have the time of her life, and perhaps even be discovered wearing the next big thing in fashion.

Catherine's attire for the Goth cocktail party is a two piece concoction of silk dupioni and lace.  The skirt has a fitted yoke of  dupioni silk and is lined.  It features gathered fullness in the style of the short front and the longer back which is made of more black dupioni silk and lined with black silk habotai.  It has an overskirt of the finest, softest netting embroidered with red roses and vines.  The skirt has a snap closure in back.  The bustier is made of lined red silk dupioni, and has a bra of fine black netting trimmed with black lace.  It closes in back with eyelets and lacings.  It is decorated with a chain hanging from the front.  Accessories include a dog collar of black lace with a rhinestone encrusted cross, and black lace gauntlets on her arms.  Under the skirt is a red lace petticoat. 

Maril Adrian

Actress Emilia Clarke plays Daenerys Targaryen, a character from the best selling series The Game of Thrones, and is a TEN in anyone’s book. Men and women alike fall under the spell of her beauty, brains, and courage as she seeks to regain her kingdom. With her confidence and killer fashion sense, she steps out of her alternative universe and into a contemporary Gothic cocktail party – and it’s just another world to conquer.

She is wearing a two-piece silk taffeta cocktail dress fully lined in silk organza and India silk. The strapless bodice of midnight blue is accented by aubergine gores at the hips, closing with a back zipper.  The flared skirt features a top layer of blue daggered panels, variously decorated with matching top stitching and Japanese seed beads. Underneath there is a second row of aubergine. 

Wow, now that's what I call Goth!  These outfits would be perfect for a ghouly Halloween party.  Perhaps they will join the next group of  Haloweeners who wanted to come out, too, and strut their October faire for you!!


Another Oohlalaz beauty from Gayle Chavez!

Even Vampirettes celebrate Halloween -- but only at the strike of midnight. This outfit is designed for an older soul even though our Little fee is still in a childlike body.  This yosd-sized Vampirette outfit was constructed in Purple stretch velvet with snap closures and a long train.  Black net accents at sleeves, and a small beaded bolero also add to the beauty of this outfit.  And next up we have a family joining our party!!

Mother - Larraine Elcock

Pru's dress is made of Halloween printed cotton.  Under her dress she wears a crinoline of black along with stockings that are black and white striped jersey.  A chiffon cape, tiny lace half glove,s and a big Halloween printed satin hat complete the outfit.  

Daughter - Jill Elcock

Elle is wearing her new outfit that Prudence designed for her.  Pru said she needed something dark and foreboding to wear on her annual pilgrimage to her Great-Great-Great Grandmother Elfaba's resting place.  Legend has it that Grandma Ellfaba was tried in the Salem Witch Trials, but be that as it may, Elle is off to put some flowers on her grave in remembrance.  But now that she is coming back she is wondering,  where did the day go?  It's getting so dark.  "Well, I think this is it"  says Elle, as she lays down among the tombstones and drifts off to sleep.  Maybe she's right - but.maybe not - guess we'll find out if she emerges again!

Elle wears a red silk sheath under a black linen overdress with bustier top.  The overdress has an overlay of black lace.  Jill designed and made everything but the boots and flowers.  Next up we]re ready in case someone may need a place to crash after the party. Our hostess, Anna Castanes suggested this scenario.

Anna Castanes

As Anna stood in the doll section of the store looking for some bedding for her doll she saw the most lovely set that she could use for her Halloween Diorama. The set included a cotton coverlet, one large rectangular pillow with orange and black tiger like stripes, two small rectangular pillows of faux suede, and one black throw which was made of faux embossed leather.

As she reached out to touch the bedding, much to her surprise it was reversible!  The back side matched the small rectangular pillows of faux suede.  What a find; she wished she could find one for her larger dolls but she'd have to make that as a special order if someone wanted It - this set would be great for her 12 inch dolls.  She just knew her lovelies (and maybe a Halloween party guest) would love this!!  Maybe even Karen Daniel's lovely who is modeling next....

Karen Daniel 

This entire ensemble is Karen's own version of a Victorian and industrial design twisted into a sort of Steampunk number that's she's proud to wear out for Halloween.  The silk Dupioni frock coat is fully lined and closes in front with 2 industrial looking hooks. It is accented with gold ruffle around the neckline and cuff and the pocket flaps. The plaid silk bustier has front snap and hidden closures, and fits like a second skin. The pants are a twisted play on Victorian pantalets worn on display instead of hidden underneath layers of petticoats. 

The drawstring bag coordinates with the pantalets and bustier, and has a copper disk and ring as a finishing touch. The felt hat has a ribbon that is attached to the hat with a copper gear at each end. The necklace and earringx are also antique copper and are included with this outfit. Then our last guests joined the party - last but never least, the crew from Pat Stoughton's - boy, what fun we'll have now!!

Pat Stoughton

The Quarusians are all witches and their lineage is strong.  This family portrait was very difficult because they detest photo taking.  The family wore their day robes for the photograph.  There are several different robes for each family member, depending on the time of year.  As their family seamstress Pat created and sewed each robe, some with attached hoods.  

The black robes are of a soft panne velvet.  The blue robes were a satin blend and have attached hoods.  The family has requested new robes for 2014.  There will be a special family gathering and they wish to be robed elegantly.  The family, as shown in the picture are:  

Back row:  Katarzyna, (Tatiana’s twin); Drakul; Dimitri; Bjarne; Verrold and Luczin (twins); and Feronia.  Front row:  Tatiana (Katarzyna’s twin) who is holding Faux Paws; Aislinn; the quadruplets: Quinlan and Quentin in back; Quinn and Quillan on bench; and Rhoswyn.  There is another cat at the feet of Rhoswyn, Independent Claws (Indy for short), and the family dragon, Mirelth (who has his own family).  Then there is Nostariel, who needs a bit of love and discipline for such an event.  

Wow, so many fun looks!  Which one was your fave??  And will you or your favorite doll be wearing a similar look?  It's not too late to get all decked out...just hurry over to -- there you'll be able to find out exactly which of these lovelies could be yours for Halloween, and all of your other ghastly, Gothic doings!!  I guess I better scamper off and get ready for the big day, too!  See you next time with out Dolls Fashion Night Out yearly event!  Happy Halloween, and stay safe, my pretties!!