Thursday, June 28, 2012

A little spookalicious presentation!

(Please note: No dolls were harmed doing our presentation!  Click on individual pictures to see larger views.)

Scene 1

Lex cannot figure out why his girlfriend, Marishka, is so mad at him. He bought her 

a most wonderful bedding set from Somethings Old, Somethings New and stunning Gothic furniture from JC Dream Designs because she's been decorating in a Gothic theme lately.

She was definitely still mad at him, however, and she's not someone he wants mad at him!! He sits and ponders whether it has anything to do with the other women….. 

He knows something new has happened; if he even glances at a female, her claws come out. It g0t so bad this evening that he thought he'd just turn in -- hopeful things would get better. But the next morning the girls begin to appear! 

First there was
Denise in his pocket watch!!

He only saw this from a distance so he thought (hoped) maybe he was imagining things......
But when he saw Anita in his girl's Glamour he gently laughed, and actually felt a bit relieved. 

Hoorah, it was only Marishka playing a trick on him...or so he thought!!   Hadn't she showed him she could do this with Photoshop??  He sighed with relief and decided to go on with his normal daily routine. All seemed well. 
He didn't have long to wait to find out he was wrong. He couldn't believe it -

there was Larraine in his coffee cup.  Oh my!

This would never do; no way Marishka can see this. He quickly disposed of the "evidence" in the sink!

Whatever was causing this seemed to be something in his home. Lex felt he had to get away or get swallowed up in all this madness.

He decided to leave Marishka a note and just have a calm, happy getaway. His friend Joe lives in Oklahoma - maybe it was time to check out his new place. 

Scene 2

Joe is elated to see his old friend, Lex. Their jobs and lives have kept them far apart, so it's time to do a little catch up. Joe innocently asks Lex if he'd like to meet some of the local women - he could arrange a date this evening, in fact!! 

No, indeed was Joe's reply. "I came to Tucson specifically to get away from some particular women and I'm not hoping any of them follow me here!"

Joe is a guy who goes with the flow, so he's not particularly alarmed at Lex's remarks - Lex could be married or live with someone now - what did he know?? He decided t0 take Lex to see some of the wonderful, handmade jewelry at his friend's studio; at least it "seemed" a safe choice. 

But his plan only brought Lex more grief as he looked at the Steampunk Collection! There was
Lori, smiling back at him oh so chicly from the front of a neat Steampunk  compact.  "Let's go," said Lex!

Joe is now upset; he realizes when his friend Lex said no girls he really meant it. He decides to let Lex go tourist all the way by taking him to sample the local cuisine, maybe buy a ten gallon hat, and then grab some margaritas at a local bar more popular with the guys than the girls.

Lex was in hog heaven until he spies one of the bar's "decor items.

There was Gayle on a fake Wanted Poster!

  "Sorry, Joe, it seems more dangerous here.  My vacation is now going international!"

But no matter where he traveled, he couldn't seem to shake the apparitions!

There was Cindy tucked away in an album in an old castle...

..Karen showed up on a novelty calendar in Cairo!!
..Peggy was found on a scroll containing love sonnets in gay Paree,

..Pat was busy entertaining Nicole Kidman with a little photo shoot in Australia,  

But when he happened on Terry outside of the Vatican posing rather ghostly, he had had enough!  Time to go home and face Marishka and let her know what he thought was going on!!  

Scene 3

When he got home he knew he was too late - Marishka was in the media room with the film, coming to all the wrong conclusions!!

Yes, she was seeing girl after girl, but Lex honestly had a good explanation....Oh, no, here they come again!!

Gothic Wench by Cindi Stowell,
Cindi's BJD Designs, Designer Drive

This is a 8 piece outfit that fits SD size BJDs. It includes the hat, necklace, stretch blouse, lace wrist cuffs, hoop skirt with gothic charms, tulle underskirt, garter panties, and stockings. Diamond studs, black beads, soft stretch fabric and tulle are among the items used to make up this garment...see everything about it in her shop!!

Eternally Ethereal by Terry Barner
Off The Wall by Terrkat, Designer Drive

Eternally ethereal and ghostly, my design centered around flowing fabric and, of course, a corset. Her gown was achieved using a polyester charmeuse that delivered the drape I required for this outfit. Sleeves hang open and fasten at the cuff. The corset was sewn with three layers of fabric and metal loops to hold the lacing made of embroidery floss.  This hand painted Urban Vita and outfit are a set - see all the details in Terry's shop!

Purple Persuasion by Gayle Chavez
Oohlalaz, Couture Court
For the 16"/17" Fashion doll here is a chic crinkle embroidered sequin satin for the main dress that is lined and has snap closures, and a underskirt/slip in a pleated purple chiffon.  The matte black Bustier laces up in back and features embroidered stitching in purple thread. The crop jacket is lined in a taffeta, and is the same satin as dress. This dress can be worn without the underskirt/slip to show off your delightful shoes or boots.

Vanity Fairest by Karen Kolkman
Kolkman Kreations, Designer Drive

Rich Victorian fabrics in burgundy silk dupioni and a romantic floral print in pure silk are the inspiration for this one piece gown. It is a fully lined gown with an overly large double collar, gathered sleeves leading to tight cuffs and partially open front. The skirt is made up of several different panels including some burgundy ribbed velour and black stretch netting. A large hand sewn rosette combines the inspiration fabrics.  See more at the store!

Goth Bride by Peggy Burney 
Creative Couture, Main Street

This Goth Bride is wearing an ensemble consisting a skirt, a bustier, an underskirt, gauntlets, garter, top hat, flower bouquet, black platform hightop sandals. and jewelry. The skirt is made of purple silk taffeta. It is fully gathered with a modified train and fastens in back with a hook and eye closure.   The bustier is of the purple silk taffeta covered with black lace.   Info about the rest is in the shop.

Tafetta and Old Lace by Denise Beaudin
Deni Doll Designs, Main Street
Mauve colored taffeta, mauve and black lace. and black satin are the materials used to create the garments of a dress, peplum, capelet, headpiece and gauntlets. The princess seamed dress has a sweetheart neckline with mauve lace.  A beautiful, full peplum constructed of mauve taffeta and lined in black satin falls in folds.  The full description and info about the accessories are in this shop!

Gothic Renaissance by Pat Stoughton
Petite Moonbeams, Main Street

The strapless gown is made from a fabric that is a deep purple print on print suede. It has a loosely gathered skirt, and there are black antique beads and lace around the bodice top. The black antique beads and lace are also used as a peplum and grace the gown completely in the front.

Flounces and Feathers by Anita Stoklosa  
Anicetta's Fashion, Designer Drive

The gown consists of two pieces --a bodice and a long skirt, and they are both lined. The satin bodice has delicate sleeves decorated with beads. On the side of the skirt is decorated with flounces and feathers, and in the back is a small train. The headpiece is made of felt and tulle.

Ruffled Romance by Lori Lyon

Numina Grey models this OOAK gown. It is made from shades of grey and black lace, with just a hint of metallic thread, and is a gown that sweeps into dark romance. Row upon row of ruffles extend from the high neck, long sleeve bodice. Her only accessory is the sliver lace molded cap to add to her glamour.

Plaid Premonitions by Larraine Elcock
Fringe Elements, Main Street

This outfit is made from a found cotton quilting material that has a Gothic look to it, but is different because it is not the traditional black used so often.  She is wearing a sleeveless blouse that laces up the front on studs. Her shortie jacket is reversible. The 3/4 sleeves are trimmed with black lace, and the same lace is seen also in her skirt. giving it a Peek a Boo effect. Sliver cross accents throughout the outfit give it a most Gothic feel.

Scene 4

That's it, Marishka has had enough!! She then raged against him...blah blah blah..for about an hour, till Lex just could not take it anymore. Lex really loves Marishka, and hoped she felt the same, because he wanted a resolution to this problem very soon. He told her to do what she wanted to, but he had to turn in. Bright and early in the morning he was going to try to harness what was causing his problem.

Bootiful Boudoir by Anna Castanes

Bedding, swag, bedskirt and duvet made to order.
As the sun sets Lex stops to admire their new bedroom. Looking at the blood red silk swag and pillows Lex thinks of their evening. Will he see Marishka again he asks himself? He turns down the black and silver brocade duvet cover lined with faux black suede thinking how lovely Marishka would think the pleated gray lace bedskirt is. As he falls into the bed, tired from jetlag and frustration, he really hopes to hear from Marishka in the morning. 

Actually Marishka would be the first (and, unfortunately the last!) thing he sees and hears in the morning...........but not exactly how he would have ever imagined!!

Lex had heard the rumors of her being a vampire but he had refused to listen to it! But now that she had given him the cold kiss of death.  However, he thought he was actually ahead of the game - he would now be with Marishka FOREVER - if he could get her past being mad about the other woman thing.   But now he'd have the last word - he had loads of time to explain!!

So, dahlings are you curious why he was seeing all these women?? Well, evidently he was dreaming. Then, being an artist, he drew out what he saw (in a sleep walking scenario) and put them on film!! Why you say?? He was so intent on pleasing Marishka, and he had done all she requested for the house, so he thought he'd surprise her by designing some outfits she might like, and produce them through his fashion house!! Guess who will be "whispering" some suggestion in other designer's minds as they sleep now that he is gone. Nothing is going to stop Lex from getting these designs produced....can you say he's obsessive, dear hearts??  So, I guess they lived happing ever after...or at least they lived together forever!!!

Frightenly Fun Furniture by John Prewitt
JC Dream Designs, Main Street

Your 1/6 scale Goth dolls will love these fabulous OOAK Gothic furniture and accessories. These designs include: an oversized circular chair in deep red with Goth pillow design, a Plexiglas topped table from a skull and crossbones, a black lacquer throne style chair with skull accents and dark red velvet cushions, a gothic bat design canvas wall hanging, and a blood-red velvet lined, coffin-shaped bookcase, complete with books and accessories, John would love to have you stop by his shop to see more pictures and pricing.

Well, that's it for another edition of Dark a CDS Happening. I hope you've enjoyed it, and that you will take some time looking over all the shops of Couture Doll Shops for all your dollie needs - you'll never know if you are missing out on a beautiful treasure if you don't come by!! See you next month!