Friday, September 6, 2013

To boldly go where few divas have been

He's a Trekkie, She's a Trekkie - Wouldn't you wanna be a Trekkie too?? And if you were to design Trekkiewear would it be for a gentleman or a lady? Which character or movie would you want to represent? These are the questions put forth for the talented designers of

But just making a Trekkie design was not their only consideration.  They also had to make their outfit couture, and something a woman or man of this century would wear! And they also needed to make the outfit so we would easily recognize the Star Trek influence.  There was also a place for people who made accessories or furniture or other items for dioramas.  There again they had to be something a Trekkie diva or guy would want immediately!!

Now they have finished, and without further adieu, here are the entries. Keep in mind the explanations of the outfits come straight from the artists with just a little editing.  Also, don't forget to click on the pictures to see a bigger version of what we have here. Bring out the popcorn and your dollies - this will be fun!!

Karen Daniel

I chose to base my design on one of my favourite of all the Trekkie movies, Star Trek: The Motion Picture. Their traditional dress uniform is a costume that I felt could be the base for an outfit that any woman would be proud to own and wear today. The crossover jacket doing up on the upper chest best exemplifies the enduring wearability of this outfit. I have chosen a houndstooth woven, wool blend fabric edged in black velvet with silver buttons and buckles. The fully lined jacket has 4 decorative buttons with a snap closing along the left front.  It is also fully edged in velvet with a velvet band around the lower sleeve.

The fully lined pants have slash pockets and are trimmed in velvet, with slash sides at the hem,  just like the Start Trek trousers. The low waisted trousers close in the back with a zipper, and have an opening to use with a stand. The handbag coordinates with the clothing and closes simply with the flap down. She also has a laptop bag in faux leather with a black chain handle and a button closure that matches the jacket. Her wonderful white buckram hat has a crown covered with fabric, a black velvet headband, and a perfect bow with a silver buckle as an accent that matches the handbag.

Rebecca Castillo

My outfit is influenced by Uhura's outfit in Star Trek into Darkness.  Uhura, played by Zoe Saldana, personifies a modern woman: strong willed, ambitious, assertive and capable - as evidenced by her breaking the boys’ barrier by becoming one of the central trio that includes Captain Kirk and Spock.  She is free to take on a role of equal dimension, just as her name Uhuru in Swahili means. Yet, she remains true to herself and is free to be a woman of style and fashion.  

In contrast to Uhura’s dark red attire, House of RodMichael has designed a three piece black pseudo leather ensemble comprised of skinny pants, a jacket with a wide collar, a wide belt with a buckle,  and a see through blouse.  Black is used to accentuate the strength and beauty of Uhura.  A Star Trek Logo on the lapel completes the ensemble.  I think it is worth noting that in 2012 a poll was conducted by SFX Magazine to find the 100 sexiest female characters in science fiction and fantasy.  Uhura, as portrayed by Saldana in the 2009 ST film, was voted number one.

Kevin Kilmer

My outfit, titled "Trekesque," is what I imagine Lady Gaga would wear.  If she put her stamp of approval on it, it would have to be the definitive TREK inspired gown. Inspiration for this designer would come from several things; First of which is The Original Series (TOS) - to give the the overall flavor of the design, and there would be noticeable influences from designers Alexander McQueen and Philip Treacy. The dress is  most influenced by McQueen and made from a red micro sequined material with beaded and sequined accents. It features a red tulle train.

The hat is another clearly Gaga inspiration; and this time I was further influenced by the works of London designer Philip Treacy.  The base hat is faux red silk along with huge red tulle, and then the obvious tie to TOS is the Communicator accent tilted at a roguish angle.  It also comes with the golden toned hoop earrings my muse is wearing.  Gaga loves this homage to two of her favorite designers.

Anna Castanes

This bedding set will please the most diehard Trekkie Diva.  Because of the style and coloring it could serve for most of the crew - from Kirk to Uhura.  This set can be made for larger dolls but is shown here in 1/6 scale.;  for further info on a larger size, just use the contact information on my website to discuss it.  This set includes one reversible coverlet made with faux suede and faux leather; and two large European type pillows made with faux suede that carry a Star Trek logo.  

One of the best things about the Star Trek universe is that it is filled with strong, dynamic women.  My model would love to impress Uhura, the epitome of female strength, in this years Star Trek Into Darkness.  

Wearing a modern cocktail dress inspired by Uhura's traditional Star Trek uniform, my model is dressed to impress.  The dress features fitted silk charmeuse, a dramatic black collar, and beading.

John Prewitt

This 1:6 scale modern, yet retro "Rounded Aqua Couch" is a perfect fit for any Star Trek fan. I can just see James Kirk relaxing on it now. This couch has a wood base that has been padded and covered with a gorgeous aqua fabric. The couch measures approximately 17 inches wide and can easily seat most of the Star Trek crew. The couch is accented by geometric design pillows and brushed aluminum legs. For more photos and pricing information please visit my website.

Ina Murphey

My muse for this fashion was the character Uhura, as played by Zoe Saldana in both the 2009 Star Trek film and again in the 2013 version, Star Trek Into Darkness.  The uniform, normally worn by Star Fleet officers, has been transformed into a sparkling gold and black two-piece cocktail dress with a matching jacket. This outfit would be as stylish and appropriate for a night on the town down here on earth as it is for an evening in the Cocktail Lounge on the Holodeck of the Starship Enterprise.  Wearing this ensemble Uhura may definitely make the always logical, and somewhat oblivious, Spock take notice of her exquisite beauty.

The strapless dress and the matching jacket are made of sparkling knit to give a flexible, body conscious fit on almost any 16 inch fashion doll.  Both pieces are fully lined with white knit fabric to guard against stains that can be created when dark fabrics come in contact with your doll’s skin surface.  Just imagine how many admiring glances your diva would get in this outfit!

Wow, I loved all this eye candy!  But, my dear Trekkies, that's all for this presentation.  But there are rumors that this last entry's creator,  Ina Murphey, got inspired and created even more outfits influenced by this treasured series.  Look for these designs on her website. You won't want to miss out on any of the other shops that may have more Trekkiewear available either.  Now is the perfect time to check out  the other shops, too, to see all who have new merchandise available.

 And don't forget to turn in next month.  As you know it will be October, so look for the gang at to conjure up all the ghosties and goths your pretty little hearts may desire - see you again soon!