Friday, September 2, 2011

Summer at CDS is rather Steamy!

This may be the shortest blog I've ever written.  Why, you ask.  Because I think our article in the November 2011 DOLLS magazine says it all.  Those of you who subscribe to their online version of this magazine can also view what is written - it's on pages  27-32! 

And all of  YOU can view the Steampunk challenge featured in there on this blog and on our site for our Challenges and Happenings!  Look for outfits still available to start showing up in our shops during the first part of September.

You'll want this copy of DOLLS magazine for sure!  Not only does it feature our Steampunk Challenge, it also includes some neat tutorials from our shop owners!  Plus lots of other neat articles are in there including Extreme Makeover, Dollmaking Down Under, and an insightful article about the latest Horsman offerings.  DOLLS Magazine looks to be another great magazine choice for Fashion Doll lovers, and we're happy to be featured there!


Kolkman's Kreations

Now, on with the Steampunk challenge.  First up is our winner - Karen Kolkman.  This was a juried challenge judged by one of the resident judges of our sister site, Couture Doll Design Challenge, Tom Courtney.  Thanks to Tom for taking time out of his busy schedule to do this for us!  Congratulations, Karen!!

Karen Kolkman's risque lady dreams of flying high above the clouds!  If it was up to her, she'd be piloting a steam-powered spaceship, high above all of us.  She definitely be traveling to a wonderful art gallery where everyone is fashionable.  Lucky she's not traveling today.  She might not even be able to fly 'cuz she'd be a modern day flight risk with all those buckles, for sure! 

And the rest of the entries are as follows:

Lana Turk, Doll Couture by Lana

Her ensemble was military a Victorian sort of way.  This featured a sexy bodice with two lines of gold buttons, and was made of wool and embroidered lace.  The whole look was completed with industrial-style jewelry.  And, believe me, this lady was ready for anything - see all the detailed accoutrements that were used to consolidate this look. 
Lana also contributed to the makeover theme of DOLLS with her shoe tutorial.  She share the shoes she made for an entry in our sister site, Couture Doll Design Challenge.
Cindi Stowell, Cindi's Doll Apparel
She took a page out of Amelia Earhart's fashion journal in ceating her Punk'd Steampunk time traveler. Even her skirt declares Amelia's world headline!

Her magic necklace and short shirt also speak to the futuristic tone of this outfit.  This is an outfit that is as fashion trendy today as it would have been for Amelia!


Pat Stoughton, Petite Moonbeams

She explains her outfit as extremely sophisticated and called on her feminine hat accessory to primarily convey her look.  Not a fan of punky steampunk, thiese hat adornments such as keys, watch face, and trims are all very feminine.

Silver and black are often used for sophisticated outfits, and this one is no exception.  It echoes the black leather used in making the hat.
Maril Adrian, Goldifrocks

Her feminine Eco-Victorian entry speaks to the conservatist swoen to protect and defend her flying feather friennds in a dress that could also be worn today.

This ensemble offers unexpected touches that can be protective as well as practical, such as her leather corset defined as outerwear.  And the coloring and grace of the lines of this creation remind us of her bird friends.
Anna Castanes, Somethings Old, Somethings New

She created a bedroom ideal for a Steampunk Aviator.  Using her own favorite colors, her sprinkling of gears and a picture of a Zepplin on the headboard cleary demonstrate her preferences.

The lady on the coverlet speaks to the Victoianism of Stempunk.  Ah, dreamland take me away to this faraway land!!
Lori Lyon, Madeleine Rose Couture

Her garb represents traditional Steampunk looks that include Victorian mixed with gears and some scifi.  Historial fashion is often this artist's forte so it was relatively easy for her to do a Victorian silhouette that she modernized.

Her top hat, qulted corset, and bustled mini skirt add charming touches to the overall look.  And you'll want to be sure to check out her tutorial in DOLLS for her top hat.  It even includes a pattern to make it simple for you to duplicate.

Dot Festeu - Dollenchantments
And last is mine - not really an entry - as management I don't qualify.  But occasionally it's fun to just play along!  Fun is what we're all here for - right??  And I had fun, indeed, creating this Cowgirl Steampunk outfit!

We're also working on some other neat, but unusual, outfits for our next happening - but isn't that what you've come to expect at Couture Doll Shops? Whether you're a spectator, a shopper, or a shop owner, we always try to have something going on for your dollie pleasure.

And, if you've been putting off starting a shop of your own - now's the perfect time to join in the fun.  Remember, we have free classes for those who don't have a website - and we can work with existing website owners to make your shop retail ready.  So, don't delay - you don't want to miss out on sending traffic to your wonderful items for the holidays.  Now's the perfect time, too!  Just mention our coupon, SPECIALWEB, for a discount when you contact me throught September 15.  

And, I'll be back real soon to show more wonderful fashions and doll items to EVERYONE!!