Friday, January 28, 2011

Bored with winter weather....join our online Scavenger Hunt!

Yes, we're having a Scavenger Hunt online, and we're not going to be fuddy duds about it!  We've never done this before...but isn't that what first times are all about!?!

We only have two rules - after all we want to make this fun! 
Everyone can play except CDS members.   One entry per person.

That was easy enough!!  Now cuddle up and grab your coffee, tea, or hot chocolate -- next is the really fun part.  I'm going to going over what you'll be playing for if you decide to join in.
Three lucky winners will win all the prizes.  This is what each winner will receive:

1. Person who finds the most symbols:  Antoinette mannequin from Couture Doll Shops plus donated items from shop owners #1-#7 is the prize.

2. Person who finds the 2nd most symbols:  Antoinette mannequin from Couture Doll Shops plus donated items from shop owners #8 through #13 is the prize.

3. General draw - all who send in an entry will have their name put in a drawing for this prize.   Antoinette mannequin from Couture Doll Shops plus donated items from shop owners #14 through #16. is the prize.


Each donated item is numbered and listed below, right under the banner from the shop who donated it.  Justclick on the shop banner to go to a shop to see the item donated along with other interesting  items they may be featuring.

 1.  Karen Cermak, The Butterfly's Wing:  An outfit titled "Kittens" for Little Fee or Lati.  Yellow and Aqua crochet bodice highlights the brightly colored kittens on black cotton fabric. Bodice closes in back with a button and ties at the waist with silk ribbon.

 2. Mike Austin, Mike's Creations: A pair of Silver Heart Floating earrings that fit Numina or Sybarites, but can ordered for any 16 inch doll; specify when you claim your prize. 

3.  Phyllis Erlenbusch & Sylvia Christianson, Eclectic Closet:  A necklace with a rose center and earrings to match.

4.  Aurora Mathews, Aurora Originals:  "Gemstones of the Southwest" is a necklace of genuine turquoise drops and sterling silver beads for a 16" fashion doll.

5.  Karen Jeffries, Shooz by Kaz:  A pair of Shooz titled "A little brown bow or two." The shoes are a pair of round toe wedge heels with brown perforated leather, and small bow trim.

6.  Barbara Johnson, Olive's Martini Bar:  Two red martinis because hard working divas deserve some fun - and so do their dolls!

7.  Susan Gillott-Boisvert, Simply Darling Designs:  Red Bandana patterned cotton dress with red and black straps. Top is lined in white, skirt is unlined. Dress snaps at the back. Dress falls about 2 cm above the floor.

8.  Denise Travers & Larraine Elcock, Azone:  A black lace up blouse with short or long sleeves.

9.  Ina Murphey, LaPetite Fashion Promenade:  Choice of a pair of purple (or red) mesh pantyhose. They have 4-way stretch and fit most 16” fashion dolls 

10.  Rob Thompson, Rob's Dolls:  A signature cotton mini dresses, in black and features  a white print of a chandelier.  The dress is made to fit the skinny girls, like Misaki, Momoko, Poppy Parker, Dynamite Girls, Model Muse Barbie and such.

11.  Marcia Friend, Facets by Marcia:  " Diamond Fire" jewelry set - jet black Swarovski rhinestones accented with red set in gunmetal with delicate bead chain draping.  Set includes necklace and earrings and is available for 12" or 16" dolls.

12.  Tamara Casey, Designs by Jude/Fletcher Patterns: Has patterns to fit all your dolls, & will offer 2 PDF patterns - winner's choice.

13.   Vicky Lujan-Gibbs, Doll Jeans by Vicky: A pair of her trademark jeans for Ellowyne. They fit well yet still allow your doll to pose standing or sitting.

14.   Elisa Cetera, Petra Elise Fashion Doll Couture: Sweet Valentine hearts grace this cotton strapless sheath with red silk dupioni sash- fits Fashion Royalty dolls.

15.  John & Cindy Prewitt, JC Dream Designs: A round chair with a curved, arched back, covered in Barbie Trademark fabric.

 16.  Karen Kolkman, Kolkman Kreations: A dress called "Valentine Gala Evening Dress." This is a scoop neck dress in a hot pink foil knit with balloon style sleeves designed to fit most 11-12" dolls.
                             HOW TO PLAY
We're going to test your knowledge of our shops.  If you frequent CDS you should be ahead in this game!

 What you'll need to do is study our symbols that are pictured in numbered order below.  You will use the clue under each symbol's picture to find the shop each symbol is in.  Some clues are easy; some a little hard - but they all relate to the shop or shop owner in some way. Accumulate the most symbols, make an entry listing them all and the title of the shop you found each in, and you will have a chance to win!

Take some time to review the symbols and clues listed next.  You might even want to print them out to help you in your search.

Clues:  #1-Northern lights originals  #2-Makes me think of gossamer things

Clues:  #3-Dazzling creations of finest quality  #4-A flower by another name is this shop

Clues:  #5-Keeping it simply...darling   #6-Dress your doll or her boudoir in 1 place

Clues:  #7-2 sisters carving out a niche of their own  #8-This shop has just perfect fit

Clues:  #9-Would rather rodeo than sew   #10-Nothing little about this shop's style

Clues:  #11-Part of name means stone   #12-Even they have not seen Popeye

Clues:  #13-Shop the Orient online   #14-If you dream it, he can build it

Clue:  #15-Carrie Bradshaw would be right at home here    #16-OOAK dolls and fashions on the cutting edge

Jot down the symbol number and the shop name it is found in as you go about the Hunt.  When you are satisfied with your finds, click the vote button on the right to place your entry.  You will be transported to a page to vote.  There you will enter EACH symbol number and shop name you found a symbol in. After you enter all you found, you'll just need to click again and your one entry will be sent in.  It's that easy! 

You can do this Scavenger Hunt at your own pace because you have plenty of time.  Entries will be accepted all day Saturday 1/29 and Sunday 1/30, and until noon on Monday 1/31.  Then come back here on Friday 2/4 to view the winners - hopefully your name will be written here.

I think everything has been addressed to play this game, but if you need a question answered, feel free to:

And while you're visiting shops that possibly have symbols, don't surppress your urge to do to a little shopping - there are a lot of new items being featured in many of the shops this weekend!  Most of all - have fun, and enjoy your journey!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Stay Devine and Be Mine

Actually we'd like you to be OUR Valentine!  Below are individual Valentines to you from many of our shop owners. They were made to show how much our supporters are appreciated! They also feature current items just waiting for you in these shops. You may view the items clearer by clicking on each Valentine.

We hope you enjoy your shopping experience on Couture Doll Shops this weekend.  Don't forget to print out items you'd like for Valentine's Day and leave them posted strategically around your house for your special "other" to see - or avoid all that manual labor, dahlings, and just treat  yourself!

To make it doubly delish to shop with us this weekend, we are also featuring a Scavenger Hunt!  Everyone can participate; all details available Saturday, January 29th here on our blog.  Now on wth the Valentines!!

Aurora Mathews: "Sweetheart Tears" is a garnet Swarovski crystal beaded collar hand woven by Aurora.

Mike Austin The choker, "Be Mine," is post beaded with red foil lined bugle beads, and accented with gold metallic seed beads. The lace trim are gold plated hoops beaded with red foil lined seed beads, and the pendant and earrings are red Swarovski, heart shaped, crystals. This set also includes 3 bracelets beaded with red Swarovski bicone crystals, red foil lined and gold metallic seed beads, and red foil lined bugle beads.

Barbara Johnson: In honor of the month of hearts and flowers, we at the Olive Martini Bar are featuring a very special Pink Champagne set that is rich with Old World influences. From the cut crystal look of our stemware to the delicate lace of our table linens, there is romance from any angle. Be sure to visit us and check out the full assortment of mini-drinks we're featuring for the entire month of February.

Terry Barner: This is a two piece sofa and chair in white and pink cotton stripes. Designed for the 16 inch ladies, but she will gladly share it with the guys, too. Overstuffed and lots of pillows, it is perfect for your one and only.

Karen Kolkman: "I'm Yours" is a one of a kind Valentine's fashion by Kolkman Kreations created for the full figured 16" doll such as Sybarite, Tyler, and Ellowyne. It is made of a shimmering hot pink delicate metallic knit with a beautiful stretch. The outfit just slides on - no fasteners. It is an asymetrical floor sweeping gowin with a sexy cut bodice and a customized body hugging fit. More details and pricing are available in my Sales Room.

John Prewitt: Curved Silk Valentine Couch This 1/6 scale modern couch has a unique curved design. It features an opening between the two part back, so your dolls can be seated from either side of the couch. It is constructed of solid wood, and padded and upholstered in white dupioni silk. Valentine red silk pillows and brushed chrome legs accent the look. The couch is approximately 15 inches wide by 8 inches deep and is large enough to easily seat 3 - 4 dolls.

Cindi Stowell: She's the "Queen of Hearts," and she will steal your heart away. She is all dressed up in her best Valentine day dress and ready to party! The lined dress is made of quality cotton fabrics with a zipper closure.

Sonya Graves: 100% fine wool hand knit hat and sweater in wine red. Turtleneck sweater snaps up the back and features contrasting stitches in cream. Beret features a cream ribbed band.

Pauline Lyngard: Fun, fantasy and romance get a boost of texture in this special fashion for the 1/4 scale lady. The dress is covered in netting with "lip" shaped sequins for "100 Kisses." To top off the look is a unique feather pixie wig!

Mary Watson: It's 1964. In her lovely "Pink Polka" Dress, Barbie dreams of Ken while listening to "How sweet it is to be loved by you" on the stereo. She wonders what Ken will be bringing her for Valentine's Day....chocolate, flowers or perhaps sweet he is!

Elisa Cetera: Enjoy a Happy Valentine's Day with one of these cupcake cuties--each Cupcakedress is made of luscious silk, is fully-lined, and comes with a matching pair of earrings and, for a limited time, comes with a heart-shaped box of "chocolate". 

Marcia Friend: Check out the newest shoes for 16" dolls at Facets. Step Out In Red" - red for Valentine's Day and other colors for every other day!

George Gonzalez:  Tonner's "Beyond The Sea" is a dressed DeeAnna doll. She looks like a Goddess of Seas, swathed in a shimmering chiffon gown, with contrast sequined sash across her hips and dazzling rhinestone brooch. Matching knit gloves, rhinestone earrings and bracelets, pantyhose, high-heeled shoes, and display stand are all included.

Kevin Kilmer:  Marilyn/Vanessa models a stunning sleeveless evening gown, "Be My Valentine,"  made from luxurious red micro sequined material with a beaded center bodice.  This gown also features a multi colored tulle train on the back of the dress in white, pink, and red.  It is form fitting and oh so sensual.

Kari Stackhouse: "Puppy Love" by Très Chic Boutique features Poppy.  She is still awaiting her Prince Charming, so her heart belongs to her special pooch this Valentine's Day. Her cute cotton print dress is fully lined and finished, and is belted at the waist. Included is a Valentine "treat" for her pup. (Note: The puppy is not included.)

Ina Murphey:  This Valentine ensemble includes a candy pink strapless sheath dress with hearts down the center front. The heart at the top of the bodice is beaded with silver lined glass beads. Also included are matching pantyhose with dots of silver glitter and a white faux fur stole. The dress is modeled by and fitted to Tonner’s Antoinette and will also fit the Deva Dolls.

Gayle Chavez: I'm going against all the things my mother taught me. Here's a Valentine from a girl of the 21st century.The Lolita style I embrace because it brings a tiny smirk to my face. 

Lori Lyon: A delicious concoction of candy pink silk charmeuse. It is bias cut to drape and swirl around luscious curves, "Be Mine" features a one shoulder gown with deep wine velvet bows and red, red blossoms accenting the shoulder..

Peggy Burney: Bodice is a haltered bustier made of silk, and embellished with hand applied sequins. Flirty skirt and wrap is taffeta. Wrap may be removed for another look. For more pictures check out my website.

Maril Adrian: She’s a "Heartbreaker" in her flirty little cotton frock. The form-fitting black bodice features lime green saddle stitching. and a black leather band set with red rhinestones focuses on her fabulous figure. The top is lined with fine white cotton batiste. The asymmetrical skirt features a red hearts and roses print on a black background, embellished with lime green satin ribbon and a fluffy black net and lace underskirt. Her green ribbon arm bandage is as close as she’ll ever get to wearing her heart on her sleeve.

Phyllis Erlenbusch: Evangeline hopes to catch Mortimer's eye on Valentine's Day with this hot pink silk charmeuse gown styled after early 20th century fashions. The sleeves and removable overskirt shimmer with silver micro sequins on pale grey net. The fit is loose, so Evangeline's slightly larger cousins might wish to borrow this flowing gown.

Connie Casteel: Fairyland Little Fee Leah is modeling the dress she will wear for her Valentine's lunch date with Grandma and Teddy! Her mauve dress is printed with vining hearts, accented with pink and white stripes, and features a removable heart lace accent under the bust. Completing her ensemble are lace trimmed bloomers and white knit stockings.

Karen Kilgoar: "Unforgettable" is a lush dress made from red dupioni silk. fully lined with a silky white poly fabric. It closes with a hand-sewn zipper in the back. This dress was made from a Designs by Jude pattern that was slightly modified. Doll and shoes are not included. Step up and claim this red hot find.

If you like our Valentines, be sure to click on comments on the blog - we love to hear what you are thinking.  It helps us serve you better.  There are also more shops on Couture Doll Shops that have delightful items, so be sure to check them out!