Friday, April 12, 2013

Who unleased the BridesmaidZillas??


What if you had done everything not to become a BrideZilla?  You know, one of those unbearable women you see on reality tv shows who have to have everything so perfect that they drive friend and foe crazy getting it done?  But you didn't do that.

You asked your very best friends to be your bridesmaids because you wanted to share your special time with people you love.  You let them each pick their own gown - neither color nor design was an issue.  You felt a melody of beautiful dresses would fit right in with your gown.  You didn't do all the bad things BrideZillas do, but you still ended up with a  group of BridesmaidsZillas who seem to be trying to upstage you!! What's a woman to do to really shine, and definitely stand out for the most wondrous occasion of her life when something like that happens!?!

I'm afraid you'll have to wait till our June Happening, June 7, to see how our woeful bride's designer tackles her problem!!  This will mark the first year our talented group of designers at CDS will do a showing of their bridal gowns although some of them do bridal all  the time.  Whatever their experience they were all ready for the task of coordinating their BrideZilla's dress with their Bride's wedding gown to make up a well-cordinated wedding.  Better them than me!!

But now, on with our current show, where our BrideZillas don't have a worry in the world.  They have finally paid for and are wearing a dress they love to yet another wedding - yes, this time the dresses are quite beautiful and reflect their taste!  And, of course, some of them are dreaming of the day when they move up from Bridesmaid to Bride!  Good luck with that!!

Be sure to click on the pictures to see a bigger image; click on the shop names to go directly to the designer's shop.  You'll see their BridesmaidZilla dresses showcased there.

La Petite Fashion Promenade’s BridesmaidZilla is Jo Tai’s Jo Kanaeva.  Ina Murphey has chosen a strapless sheath dress of sage green silk shantung with a cascade of marbled pink silk chiffon petals falling gracefully down the right side of the dress.  The petals are accented with pink bugle and seed beads. Ivory silk lining not only gives the dress a fine couture finish, but also protects your doll’s delicate skin from staining. The dress has a back snap fastener closure and is sized to fit the full busted 16 inch dolls such as Tonner’s Tyler sculpt, JAMIEshow, and Sybarite dolls. 

To complete her outfit, Jo Kanaeva is carrying a bouquet of pink roses and star flowers, tied with a light sage green silk satin ribbon that matches the sash on her dress. She has accessorized her outfit with a necklace of Swarovski powder green crystal pearls and pink seed beads on gold wire.

Jenny Catalano 

Here comes Tiny Kitty ready for that wedding.  She is wearing a strapless gown in robin's egg blue satin.  The bustier style neckline on the dress is complimented by an attached sash with beads in a stretch elastic in multiple shades of blue.  The dress is fully lined in a fine cotton, and has a snap closure and rear walking vent.

Tiny Kitty is ready to dance the night away long after the wedding has passed.  Doll and shoes not for sale.

Karen Daniel

Karen has designed a Chanel inspired suit for Bridesmaidzilla Chloe. Chloe wanted to ensure that all eyes would be on her and not have anyone watching her younger sister, the Bride. To ensure this she flew to Paris for her OOAK outfit, custom made for her tall slender figure. The two piece suit is made from a rich royal blue silk dupioni, and is fully lined in white. The jacket has princess seaming to hug every curve and ends at her hip. This long sleeved jacket closes with five tiny snaps accented by gold brass floral buttons. The straight skirt closes with a back placket and three snaps. 

The coordinating sinamay hat is designed by Karen using standard millinary techniques. The hat's stunning down turned brim is wrapped in bias cut royal blue silk dupioni and gives an air of elegance to the outfit. The hatband is also made from the same dupioni silk while the fabric rose is made from royal blue organza. The sheer ribbon bow is accented with a gold button that has one perfect large pearl in the center, and gold fabric leaves are scattered throughout. Inside the hat, a ribbon band is sewn to ensure that her hair does not get caught when she takes it off to begin to party at the reception. This OOAK outfit may be purchased at Karen's shop right now, and there are more photos of each piece to allow you to take a closer look.

Denise Beaudin
Denise's vintage Cissy is modeling the Bridesmaidzilla gown set titled "Spring Peach" for this April Happening.  The gown and shawl are constructed from a lustre pale orange colored satin that is the color of ripe peaches.   A decorative accent trim of white border lace flowers is placed at the neckline, center bodice and waistline.  

Each flower has a tiny orange bead sewn into the center to add a touch of color.  The bodice is fitted, self lined with the same fabric, and is sleeveless.  The skirt has four loose pleats, each pleat situated under the front and back darts.   The shawl has matching lace trim on the short edges.  The circular shaped hair piece is bordered in matching lace and two of the white flowers with tiny beads are stitched along the center.

Anna Castanes

Everyone wondered why Anna came in so early; was she up to playing her tricks even on her best friend, the bride?? Well as a matter of fact.... Anna had come in and had replaced the bedding in her room!!  As she inspected her handiwork she was wondering what her best friend would think of this fabric for her Bridesmaid dress, and could only imagine the look on her face!   She thought she would either be a bridesmaid or a guest after the Bride saw this; that is if the Bride even let her stay.

Anna's BridesmaidZilla bedding set includes a reversible coverlet, reversible throw, large reversible pillow, 2 reversible pillow cases, and a decorative pillow.  It is made to fit the Fashion Royalty bed, but other sizes can be made - inquire through the web site.  Decorations and bed not included.

Elizabeth Fenton
Nasha's Doll Boutique

Elizabeth Fenton's bridesmaid is dressed in a delicious creation fit for a princess. The above the knee dress is cut from lilac faille with a silver lace overlay. An off the shoulder rolled collar, dropped waist, and side front slit accent this elegant, fully lined outfit.  Silver beads and sequins encrust the lace overlay. This ensemble is completed with a picture hat decorated with flowers.

Peggy Burney

Barbie has been asked to be a bridesmaid and she decides she is not going to wear one of those awful, ugly satin dresses that you see so often.  She chooses her own dress that has a strapless bodice and a full gathered skirt.  It is constructed of grey silk dupioni, lined with gray silk habitai, and has an overlay of black lace embroidered with rose-colored flowers and a multi-layered black tulle underskirt.

It is enhanced with a rose colored cumberbund-type belt at the waist.  Barbie hopes you enjoy her bridesmaid dress as much as she does and also wanted you to know it will fit her other 11.5" doll friends.  Visit Peggy's shop for more views of this lovely, fun creation.

Gayle Chavez

Gayle has created an OOAK BridesMaidZilla ensemble in a yellow taffeta for the Bride's Spring affair.  Afterwards, instead of this dress sitting in a closet long forgotten, she can wear this to her favorite things to do such as  cocktail parties and afternoon teas.  It's nice to have a bridesmaid dress she really likes.

The dress has embellishments of a pale yellow tulle, pale yellow luster glass beading at the neckline and waistline, and has two small rosettes at the shoulders.  

It is lined, and has snap closures. This ensemble includes  stockings, earrings, bouquet, and COA, and is available at Oohlalaz.

Kevin Kilmer

Kevin Kilmer feels his Terror in Teal is just the ensemble to set the tone for BridesmaidZilla Vanessa.  She's every bit the bridesmaid diva.......only a bit more so.  See any of the other BridesmaidZillas with elaborate diamond earrings like the ones added to her outfit!?! The beautiful daywear dress is made from a super intense deep turquoise brocade material with teal dupioni accents along with the small addition if a few seed beads at the center bustline.  This dress comes with the matching hat that is accented with matching tulle and flowers along with the swarovski crystal earrings.   Lucky for Vanessa - or your doll - it is fit for a wedding as well as an elegant evening dinner.  Oh, and she's not trying to compete with the Bride - she is convinced she doesn't have to!

Wow, quite a group of divas these Brides have to deal with!  But also quite a nice collection of Bridesmaid's dresses we have.  If you're planning a June wedding for your favorite bride it is time to get going - perhaps by visiting the shops of CDS to pick out a bridesmaid dress.  At some of the shops you may be able to order a custom bridal gown - you know, the one of your dreams; or to ask a shop owner to show you their portfolio of wedding gowns if they have one.  Lots of options when you shop early.

You could also lag back a bit, purchase your Bridesmaid dress now, and see the June Bridal showing June 7.  That is going to be lots of fun!!  But for now that ends our presentation for this month.  I've got to get ready for our fun Mother's Day cards, and maybe some other features for May - see you then.  Have fun in the meantime!!