Monday, October 1, 2012

The fat lady sang At the Opera...

Now on with OUR show!!

All of our shop owners have the same importance. However, many of you may not realize we have two types of shop owners. Most shop owners are individual tenants, but the 2nd category is reserved for larger companies who are distinct because they came on board willing to help CDS sponsor some of the prizes and promotions we have monthly. Obviously having this second category of shops, that we call our cornerstones, helps make our events even more special because of their willingness to help!

I tell you this because our latest Happening is actually a sponsored event by one of our cornerstones, Angelic Dreamz (AD). George Gonzalez, the brain child behind AD had decided some time ago to sponsor his own convention, the JamieShow Convention, named appropriately for his original doll. He had also been throwing around the idea for a contest where our shop owners would design a JamieShow gown, and the winner(s)' outfits could be reproduced and sold through AD. So when the convention got to its planning stages, Gonzalez and I set up the contest so that the outfits would be available at his convention, and his convention goers could actually have input as to who won by viewing and voting for their favorites. With this information in hand, Gonzalez would make the final decision. And now, I'm not only pleased to be able to provide you with pictures and information about this contest's individual entries, it is also my pleasure to announce the winners!! Let's get with it. First I'm going to introduce you to the whole collection.

Entry by Denise Beaudin, Opera
celebrated Maria Stuarda

My gown was inspired by Mary Queen of Scots in the opera "Maria Stuarda."  Historically it is noted that Mary wore a red garment to her execution. Therefore, I chose that color for my garment and employed a beautiful red satin fabric. The gown style has a drop waist fitted bodice, and a full gathered skirt with a train at the back.

Continuing in the same style, the upper sleeves are fully gathered, and lower sleeves are a slim fit. A guipure lace medallion that has been embellished with white beads on sequins is placed on the center front of the bodice in the fashion of a stomacher. The gown is trimmed on the neck piece, sleeves, shoulders, and hemline with white guipure border lace. The headpiece is also constructed of red satin, and trimmed with five white lace flowers that are embellished with white beads on sequins. A red feather and a white feather are also part of the headpiece. The necklace is made of white, round pearl beads.

Entry by  Lana Turk - Musical celebrated
Phatom of the Opera
Doll Couture by Lana, Designer Drive 

 For this gown I was inspired by Christine's dress from the Phantom of the Opera. During Christine's childhood her father tells her many stories featuring an "Angel of Music." Christine is eventually given a position in the chorus at the  Opera House. Not long after she arrives there, she begins hearing a beautiful, unearthly voice which sings to her and speaks to her. She believes this must be the Angel of Music. The Voice belongs to Erik, who is physically-deformed and  was one of the architects who took part in the construction of the opera house, and who secretly built a home for himself in the cellars. He is the Opera Phantom.

        To transfer the beautiful feminine flare from Christine's dress I made a shoulder-less bodice . It flares out to a voluminous skirt. I made this dress from turquoise taffeta. I enchanted the dress with burned fabric and some sequins, being careful not to put too much on to keep an elegant air to the dress.  The dress is fully lined and I used a zipper closure.
Entry by  Frances Weir - Opera celebrated
The Magic Flute
Francesca Doll Couture, Couture Court

Urban Vita is wearing an evening gown inspired by Mozart's opera, The Magic Flute, which premiered in Vienna in 1791. The opera was set in Egypt and I chose the character of Pamina, innocent daughter of the Queen of the Night, as my muse.
The one piece, dart-fitted,  dress reflects its Egyptian influence in the line of the skirt and open front seam, the heavily beaded collar, and the front panel. The gown is made of a coffee coloured, ribbed taffeta-like fabric which is shot with metallic turquoise fibers, and is fully lined in fine gold silk. The glass and metal beading are intended to add to a sense of feminine luxury and Eastern mystery.
 Entry by  Pauline Lyngard - Musical celebrated
 Miss Saigon
BW Designs, Main Street 
The musical I chose is Miss Saigon, a modern day version of Madame Butterfly.  Therefore, I felt it appropriate that my fashion has the silhouette of the Vietnamese Ao Dai, in two pieces - dress and jacket. 

The hat has the shape of the "leaf hat."   All was accomplished without being replicas of the traditional versions. Dramatic gold fabric makes a modern statement, but both pieces are lined in pale lavender silk for a softer contrast. The purse is inspired by famous Vietnamese designer "Ipa Nima" known for fancy fabric and feather embellished handbags.

Entry by Anita Stoklosa, Opera celebrated Don Giovanni
Anicetta's Fashions, Designer Drive

Don Giovanni is an  opera in two acts with music by  Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart .It was premiered by the Praque Italian opera at the Teatro di Praga on October 29, 1787, and is a staple of the standard operatic repertoire.

My dress was inspired by the form of Donna Elvira. She’s a lady of Burgos abandoned by Don Giovanni.  The gown is pale rose satin decorated with beads, sequins and embroidery. The bodice is fully lined, and the skirt’s  top is made of an airy asymmetrical fabric. Its edges are decorated with embroidery and beads.

Entry by Deanna Torigian, Opera celebrated Salome
Babette Doll Fashions, Couture Court
  My Opera was Salome  The opera is famous for the Dance of the Seven Veils, but may be known best for the shocking final scene where Salome declares her love for John the Baptist.

I made my Opera dress from green silk satin.  It would be appropriate for the Opera as well as some dancing by a modern day Salome. It is fully lined and has fine net draping and gold toned accents. It was fitted on FR 16" Fashion Teen, but if chosen to be reproduced it will be JamieShow size.

Enty by Cindi Stowell, Rock Opera celebrated
We Will Rock You
BJD Design, Designer Drive
Scaramouche is a futuristic heroine saving the world from computer generated music. Nobody in the futuristic world can sing, or have any creative expression, and all instruments have been buried in "rock."  Scaramouche and Galileo discover the buried musical instruments and use them to vaporise the corporation, and send the Power of Rock to the world, giving them the ability to be creative once again.

Scaramouche's gown is made from satin, organza, leather, and soft sheer material. The ruffles have been delicately hand ruched and hand stitched. The four piece outfit includes a sexy bustier which laces up in the back; the two tiered, satin ruched skirt; thigh-high fishnet stockings; and the pleather and beaded wrist cuffs.

Entry by Lori Lyon, Opera celebrated
The Marriage of Figaro

My gown was inspired by Suzanne, Figaro's fiance and the Countess Almaviva's maid.   The time period in which the opera takes place is the late 18th century.

A beautiful slate blue silk taffeta makes up the corseted bodice with sliver lace applique front,  pink bow accent, and voluminous bubbled skirt.  Tucked on the sides to represent a modern bustle, the skirt trails in the back with black bow adornment.  Silver pink mesh stockings and arm mitts add to the modernized opera look.

Entry by Peggy Burney, Opera celebrated
The Tsar's Bride
Creative Couture, Designer Drive
This gown is inspired by the opera, The Tsar's Bride, Marfa. This is a modern intrepertation of what she might wear if she were going to the opera today.
The gown is a slender straight sheath style with a modified train. It is made of purple silk dupioni lined in white. silk habotai. The bodice is enhanced with a bias strip across the bust with a silver gray ruffle of sparkle mesh and spaghetti straps. It has a low cut back with a velcro closure. The hand-stitched bolero jacket is made of silver gray sparkle mesh with long, fitted sleeves; and a stand-up neck collar. It is enhanced with silver embroidery, purple sequins, and silver beads. The bag is beaded in silver.

Unofficial Entry

CDS encourages all of our shop owners to enter our events if they so desire. However, since this is a sponsored event for clothing design, all non-clothing entries were deemed unofficial. The entry that follows fits that category. 
Entry by Anna Castanes, Opera celebrated La Boheme

La Bohème has become part of the standard Italian opera repertory, and is the one of the most frequently performed operas worldwide. I felt I could only emulate the colors from my opera, so I chose the warm colors of red and black.
This bedding set includes a reversible coverlet made of silk and ruffled polyester along with three small silk pillows, a large polyester ruffled pillow, and a silk neck roll with ribbon ties.  All pillows are filled with fiberfill.  The bed is not included. The set shown is for a Barbie sized doll, but can be made to suit your JamieShow or other 16" dolls. Thank you and I hope you enjoy our October happening!
And here they are - all 9 official entries - aren't they lovely!?! Be sure to click on the picture above to see a full size view of all these beautiful gowns!

Now a little bit about the JamieShow convention! This was an exciting adventure for the attendees, Gonzalez, and the whole AD crew.  What would be not to love? This new, smaller venue, convention took place September 28-30, 2012 and used a theme of Prohibition. There were organized events such as a visit to the Strong Museum of Art and Toy Hall of Fame.  Workshops were offered that included Photography by Gonzalez, Repainting Eyes and Lips by PegFamousGirls, and Styling Doll Wigs and Hair by Michael Scott.  How fun to "play dolls" with other collectors? 
A few people even got into character with pink (fake) machine guns found with their table gifts at the Speak Easy meet and greet cocktail party!! And if that wasn't enough, an all day VIP shopping experience was offered at Angelic Dreamz' brick and mortar store.  Then the Sonnenberg Gardens Cocktail Reception gave way to a soothing atmosphere to enjoy drinks under the moonlight; the Veranda of this Victorian mansion overlooking the formal gardens was the perfect retreat to meet and greet and daydream about their recent purchases.
Eventually even good things have to come to an end. So it was especially nice to end it with a Closing Brunch and presentation of the Event Doll. The Event Doll was a wonderful flapper named Ginny.

There was also a companion doll dressed in a striking red blazer and skirt named Ling Lan.  Wow, what a smokin' hot modern day Prohibition woman!

And a new companion outfit was also offered for those people who wanted to add to their dapper JamieShow gentleman's wardrobe. 

Ah, the magic of another wonderful convention!  Goodbye for now, Angelic Dreamz, and thanks to George Gonzalez for making this dream come true for some of our designers, as well as a shout out to his assistant, Allison Harman, for making this contest a seamless production!

Now let me turn back to our original topic, and reveal who our WINNERS are!  First, the overall winner was Lori Lyon. I'll bet she always feels happy when she hears the music from The Marriage of Figaro!!  For sure Figaro would love her modern day rendition of this Opera's prized diva.

Then we had two 2nd place winners, Cindi Stowell, and Deanna Torigian.  These two were quite different - one won hearts by featuring a Rockin' new wave styling; the other by being a romantic confection one would love to wear to dance the night away!  Congratulations to all 3 of you; we at CDS are soooooo proud of you!!

 These 3 outfits will be reproduced and sold at Angelic Dreamz.  Yes, it will take awhile - approximately 60 days after production begins - but it will be worth it.  Also, if you are interested in any of the other gowns shown just be sure to visit the individual shops and let the shop owners know you want more details or to know when the gown is returned to them for sale.   And, you can be sure we'll keep you advised as to when they are available.  So don't fail to become a follower of this blog or to join our First To Know list to get updates before anyone else! 

Well, all the excitement has certainly been worth it - but it's finally time for me to leave you once more.  But I'll leave you with a little reminder to always check out the shops of when you think of adding to your doll's wardrobe, accessories, furniture, bedding or any other things you may need!! 

Stay safe and have a boolicious Halloween, and if you need some ghouly doll inspiration, be sure to check out our last blog post as well as our article coming out soon in the October issue of Fashion Doll Quarterly magazine.