Thursday, January 6, 2011

Fantasy Fashion - What is It and is it for me??

To simply dismiss any fantasy from your doll's wardrobe would be like a rich woman snubbing many designs that come down the runways today.  You may not find this Gaultier number pictured to your taste...but then again, maybe you might!  Beauty really is in the eye of the beholder - so who is to say any fashion, done appealingly and with wonderous fabrics, would not appeal to you??  

To test this theory, our CDS shop owners were given their latest challenge called Fantasy Meets Couture.   They were asked to give a version of their outfit that would be suitable for a fantasy being, and another version that could be worn by the fashionista we all have come to know our dolls to  be.

No picture or any other indicator was given of who or what they should use as their inspiration.  In other words, each participant had to pull this creation out of their imagination.  For some this proven daunting; others squealed with joy at the prospect of such a fine challenge.  In the end nine entries came forth to claim the prize!!  Want to know what they are playing for?

The prizes for this challenge are provided by Angelic Dreamz Doll Shop and CDS.  The winner of this challenge will be receiving this J-Doll by JUN Planning titled RUE DE CHARONNE.  Her inventors imagined her as someone who would just know "something beautiful may be found...on the street corner in Paris."  Standing at approximately 11" she is made of vinyl and fully articulated.  And, she comes with her shoulder bag, a hat, and her doll stand.

She was selected because she's the type of doll client CDS is used to - smart, saavy, and beguiling.  We also wanted to give a nod to those who design and buy for the smaller fashion dolls.  We hope she'll result in many new designs from our winner!

AND our FTKers will get a chance, through our drawing , to win a fantasy doll  of their own - they have been notified which doll it will be on our Yahoo Group which one can join here.

But, as promised, anyone can vote for the entries in this challenge.  They can be seen and voted on all day Friday, January 7 and Saturday, January 8 until 10 p.m. CST - but they can continue to be viewed all weekend.  The winner  and our drawing winner will be announced here on our blog Sunday, January 9.    

We would honestly like to have the person who fulfilled the challenge win this and all our challenges, so for that reason we politely ask you not to vote as if this was a popularity contest.  Thank you.  To view or vote all you have to do is go over to Couture Doll Shops and click on the banner that looks like this - it is at the top of CDS Main Street:

Most of all, enjoy the show!

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