Saturday, January 8, 2011

Even in a Fantasy only one can WIN!!


Ina Murphey, LaPetite Fashion Promenade, and Mike Austin, Mike's Creations, both on Couture Court, submitted this entry Number Eight. Can you feel her gifts of light, inspiration and the healing rays of the sun coursing out of this beaded sumptuous gown. You can be sure she has acquired some queenly traits wearing such mahvelous jewels incuding her crown, necklace, bracelet and even her flaming coat...........and she has acquired enough votes to be declared the winner - let's all give a big round of applause to Ina and Mike - great job!!

We also have a winner for our drawing..............and she is DAWN ANDERSON.  Contact our manager with your address and claim your prixe!!

All the designs were beautiful and got plenty of wonderful comments!   See for yourself - they are all showcased below, and the designs that will be sold should be in the shops soon.  Be sure to give them a visit!  And stay tuned to our blog for all CDS activities - we'll be back soon with a real Valentine treat!  Happy dolling....we'd love to see you at CDS anytime -  check out all the great shops - you may find just what you need for your favorite doll!!


Denise Beaudin, Deni's Doll Designs, on Main Street submitted this entry Number One.  She poses the question whether it is the dressed down version, Winter Sorceress, or the dressed up version, a lovely bride, who is casting a spell or murmuring an incantation.  What did you think??


Cindi Stowell, Cindi's Doll Apparel, Designer Drive, submitted this entry Number Two.  She's the fairy Godmother to all the forest fairies who can adapt for a fun, festive party The rustle of her tulle skirt won't give her away - after all, how many Godmother's wear swarovski crystals??  Did you find the Godmother  version believable enough to ask her to make-ready for you to go to the ball.


Terry Barner, Off the Wall by terrkat, Designer Drive, submitted this entry Number Three.  She has been called Luna by the Romans, Ishtar by the Babylonians and Aega by the Greeks but a rose by any other name would still be a Moon Goddess.  Did this diva in satin and silk make you want to view a few constellations?


Pauline Lyngard, BW Designs, Main Street, submitted this entry Number Four.  She wants her life to be sprinkled with Stardust for ultimate glamour! Would we pale in the glow of both her jewelry and her sparkly fashion that has texture that oozes in beads, silk and a feather "wig."

Kevin Kilmer, Click Designs by Kevin, Desigmer Drive, submitted this entry Number Five.  Layered fuschia and leopard lusciousness surrounded this Cat Woman whose designer was influenced by Alexander McQueen!  Meow, meow, purr, purr is a reaction that comes to mind when viewing this lovely.


Lana Turk, Doll Couture by Lana, Desigmer Drive, submitted this entry Number Six.  Responsible for morning dew on the flowers when in fantasy mode; she becomes ball ready as a human during the evening.  Does she make you want to go grab an umbrella in the early hours of the morning?


Pat Stoughton, Petite Moonbeams, Main Street, submitted this entry Number Seven.  There is no doubt this daytime diva favors shopping - there is always a bag of shoes or 2 around.  But the question is can this faerie princess of the moon be content living in the forest when her real self cringes when she has to remove her wings.


Elisa Cetera, Petra Elise Fashion Doll Couture, Main Street, submitted this entry Number Nine.  Her lifestyle takes her to more fabulous events in the human world then most of us dream of.  Her regal presence will be welcome when she is transformed from Fairy Princess to Queen of the Fay.  Question is, will this diva still have time to shop for her precious silks or will she have to delegate?


  1. Congratulations Ina & Mike! Your creations was certainly a treat for the eyes! Though it didn't get my vote,(it was my second choice) I can certainly appreciate all of your work!