Friday, May 6, 2011

Happy Mother's Day from Couture Doll Shops!

What's Cooking?, this lovely scenario presented by Tres Chic Boutique, to me, demonstrates what many remember as a stay at home Mom.

Most countries including the USA, Australia, Canada, and India celebrate Mother's Dy on the seind Sunday of May. Mother's Day is celebrated to honor all mothers and to express gratitude for the hardships some must bear to bring up a child.

A doll lover who appreciates his Mother is Angelic Dreamz' own George Gonzalez -- someone we are proud to call a member of CDS!  Love the doll in his likeness saluting his Mom!!!

No matter how you spend your day, we hope those celebrating their Moms as well as all the Mothers have a wonderful day!!

Here's a few items from CDS our Mothers thought were swell - you may want to check out what you like as well!

A stylish cotton sheath that comes with its own stylish silk chiffon scarf, and faux suede belt is available at  Petra Elise Fashion Doll Couture
on Main Street. 

Who wouldn't want diamonds, dahling - dollie diamonds that is - better known as fine Swarovski Austrian crystal rhinestones.

 Facets on Main Street has them sized to fit 16" fashion dolls like Tyler, Gene, or Alex, but can include an extension chain to fit larger dolls.

Of course Mom needs some where to relax......and to park the kids every once and awhile. What better place than a sofa off Main Street from JC's Dream Designs.

Chic Mommy wear is available on Couture Court, too, as evidenced in this ivory silk shantung & silk chiffon dress available from LaPetite Fashion Promenade.
Modeled by Robert Tonner's Antoinette basic 16" fashion doll, this dress will also fit Deva dolls, Madame Alexander's Alex and dolls with similar body type. And it is fully lined in similar silk fabric, featuring a center back zipper closure

Then at the end of the day, she could sew up a dress for one of her sweeties - or just settle down for a bit o' the bubbly.  Pattern from Designs by Jude and Bubbly from Olive's Martini Bar - both on Couture Court.

If she chooses the latter, you might also want something for Dad to wear while he helps her celebrate her special day.  Well, we can dream Dad looks like a beefcake - he did once - to Mom anyway!
Either way, we'll dress him in something comfy from Kolkman's Kreations on Designer Drive - ooh, something soft like this Jersey cream cotton knit in Midnight black is sure to please Mom as well as Dad. 

While on DD, let's check out their fashions.  Right away I'm sure Mom will find this cute fun, flirty number from Click Designs  by Kevin.  Done in a cottony/silk material and lined in dupioni, this outfit with its lovely hat would be perfect for a afternoon out with the ladies!  Remove the hat and you have something fun and flirty for date night, too!!

And shoes - did we say shoes?  While on DD we always have to check the place that only sells'em.  And, sure 'nuf, we found these Red Cotton Pumps with silver buckle trim made specifically for most of our 16" dolls at Shooz by Kaz.

Wow, what fun we've had touring and finding new things on CDS - but how time has flies!  So for now we'll have to bid you adieu - but we'll be back another time to do this again!!  In the meantime remember to be good to MOM!

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