Friday, August 27, 2010

Does harajuku come with an eggroll?


Couture Doll Shops has issued a delightful challenge to its shop owners!  For our next presentation, which is also considered a contest, they will be vying for the Overall Winner along with a People's Choice award which will be determined by our followers on our FTK list.  If you are interested in this fun promotion and the possibility of winning a prize for yourself by voting on our new street name, rush on over and join our FTK list today!  Just click here!

I'm predicting seeing some beautiful, well made outfits coming down this Oriental runway!   Here’s the details!
The Project and The Theme:

CDS' Phase 3 will have its Grand Opening September 10, 2010, and the promotion/challenge for this will use the theme of  Just Japanese.  This theme was chosen because it can expand to cover any period of Japanese fashion you might want to explore. So, if you've been hankering to make a kimono, a Lolita-style outfit, or something in between, now is your chance. Be influenced by what this fashion-forward country has to offer. Do your research, and make an outfit that is definitively yours......but within the guidelines of Just Japanese. You are free, Madame Buterflies, to spread your wings and create!! 

The Basics:

You will work alone this time - no teams allowed . This is your chance to show us your style. You will design and execute the most fabulous accessory, diorama piece, or outfit YOU are capable of!

You may use any doll you desire - this not only means a doll of any size may be used, it also means the doll can be a child, man, or a lady. Sorry, gang; I am drawing the line at using animals although there is always a certain charm to Miss Piggy.

The Photographs

You will be allowed to submit 3 Digital photos that are 600 pixels in height and the correct corresponding width. See our article on resizing pics here:  .You also need to be sure to keep in your files a 6x4" copy (approximately 1200 pixels wide by 1803 pixels high) at 300dpi of each picture you enter! Please afford us a true picture of your work; do not overindulge in photoshop - but you may cut a doll stand out of any picture. 

Also, .suitable, in scale diorama items may be used sparingly in any of your photos, and diorama and accessory people may feature a doll in their pictures.  Just remember the word sparingly, please, because pictures with an overabundance of "stuff" will be rejected. Also, please use a plain background for this presentation; but the color can be whatever you think fits best with your entry.
The Prizes:

George Gonzalez, of Angelic Dreamz will have his own Japanese beauty to present during this challenge, although he won’t be given consideration for winning any prize. Why, you might ask? Because Angelic Dreamz will be providing all the prizes for this presentation!! And, oh what prizes they are!! Here is the rundown:

Grand Prize Winner:

Our grand prize winner will be chosen from a team of cracker jack judges TBA. They will be judging you on originality, fit, and best use of the theme. This lucky winner can lay down their sewing needle for awhile, for they will be dressing one of their delicious divas in:

Enchantment Gown

by JAMIEshow for Angelic Dreamz

Enchantment is a couture dress in silk crepe and golden sequin floral overlay. Gold Lace up High Heels complete the outfit. Made specifically for our models but will fit many other 16" Fashion Dolls. Modeled here by Jamie with glass eyes.
LTD. EDITION 30 Pieces Worldwide

People’s Choice Winner:

This winner will be determined by the members of our FTK list. Audience members wishing to vote for thie People's Choice will need to belong to our FTK list by 9/9/2010 to do so.  One exception is that NO ONE affiliated with CDS can vote.

And, for their effort, the winner of the People's Choice will receive a stunning new model to add to their collection. 


Fully lined stretch lace teddy with ruffled lace trim and molded plastic shoes; includes display stand. Fully authorized by Warner Bros.

16" DOLL, LE 200

NOTE:  ALL ENTRIES DUE: 9/6/2010 by 10 p.m. CST - Firm.
And we haven't  forgetten our audience members – Angelic Dreamz has a special prize for the winner of our drawing to pick the street name for Phase 3, too. To be eligible: you must not be affiliated with CDS, belong to CDS FTK list prior to 9/3/2010, and vote on our new street name between September 4 - 9, 2010. All will be entered in a pool, and the winner will be drawn from this pool. 

The prize??  Since many FTKers buy their doll outfits from CDS merchants,anyway, this should really make the winner happy: They will win:

Lotus Gown

by JAMIEshow for Angelic Dreamz

In Iridescent Silk this lovely Lotus dress with floral brooch is a perfect compliment to any of the JAMIEshow dolls and can also be worn by most 16" Fashion dolls. Complimented with high heel shoes.  LTD. EDITION 30 Pieces Worldwide

Will your fashion be in or out, dear designers?  I, for one, am expecting definitively IN - so sit back, customers and followers - and enjoy the fashion view, and don' t forget to vote!! 

Oh, and btw, this will be our last promotion/street opening of the year - so don't miss out!!  Good luck!  And, don't forget to visit Couture Doll Shops for all your dollie needs!  Oh, and yes, I know - harajuku most definitely doesn't come with an eggroll - but it could be fun to wear when you go out for one! 

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